NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

This week we had another fun romp with a girl we’ve been dating for over a year now; something a little more gentle and sensual this time. Let’s call her “Bee” for this story. (She’s cool with us posting this story and including some naughty pics).

Immy had wanted to take the lead and give Bee a really great experience this time, so we met, hung out, had some cuddles, at some lunch (sushi train! My favourite) and then got down to business…

We took Bee into the bedroom, blindfolded her, her cute little body naked and vulnerable for us, perfect little tits already covered in a few goosebumps. We restrained her, arms out to the sides, legs spread apart, and covered her in oil, taking our time teasing her and giving her a very sensual massage. Today was definitely going to be a more gentle, sensual day…

One of Immy’s and my favourite things to do is tease our partners, pleasure them, really take our time exploring their bodies, and that’s exactly what we did. Immy spent ages teasing Bee, going down on her gently, making her beg, while I caressed Bee’s perfect oil-covered body. My hands roaming over her soft skin, her cute little boobs feeling so good under my touch as she moaned, arching her body up, aching for my touch and Immy’s lips.

Immy, being the beautiful tease that she is, didn’t immediately give Bee what she was wanting, instead kissing oh so close to her clit, teasing her with her soft lips and tongue, kissing her inner thighs, above her pussy, everywhere except the one spot she most needed Immy’s lips.

My hands roamed over Bee’s body, gently pinching her nipples as Immy got closer and closer to Bee’s clit, before finally letting her have what she desired most, licking and sucking on her clit, eliciting the sweetest little moans. I couldn’t help but throb as I watched these two hotties together, a sweet little smile on Immy’s lips as she gently licked Bee, knowing exactly how much of a tease she was being… God damn.

The more Immy licked Bee’s sensitive little pussy, the more both of them got turned on, as I alternated between caressing Bee, then Immy, then back to Bee again, before finally wrapping my hand around Bee’s throat and choking her softly as she moaned, completely blindfolded, giving in to the pleasure and being our good little girl. Immy became more and more passionate, her tongue lapping away at Bee’s dripping wet pussy, all 3 of us getting more and more turned on.

Eventually I took over, pushing Immy away and telling her to grab a vibrator and play with herself, the real fun now beginning. I teased Bee’s pussy with my hands, sliding a finger deep inside her and fingering her, as I gazed into Immy’s eyes, deliberately trying to turn my beautiful girlfriend on as she lay next to us, watching us, getting herself off with the vibrator. Harder and harder I fingered Bee, pounding away at her pussy, my fingers slamming in and out of her as her moans filled the room, the scent of sex filling our nostrils.

Immy never broke eye contact with me, staring straight into my eyes as she got herself closer and closer to orgasm, my free hand roaming over Bee’s oil-covered body, doing everything I could to show off and “perform” for Immy. I yanked off my pants, positioning my rock-hard cock at the entrance to Bee’s pussy, still staring straight into Immy’s eyes. I shoved in hard, Bee gasping in pleasure and surprise as I started pounding her, my eyes still firmly fixed on Immy’s as she watched me fuck this beautiful little girl right in front of her.

Awww isn’t she a little sweetie, holding Immy’s hand.

Harder and harder I pounded, then I pulled out, a cheeky smile on my face as I said to Bee, “That’s all you get…” Driving her crazy and leaving her begging for more. Immy couldn’t take anymore, the vibrator and the sight of me teasing Bee too much for her, and she begged me, “Please, I’m about to cum, please let me cum.” I nodded, grabbing her head and pushing her towards Bee, the both of them kissing passionately as Immy exploded, waves of pleasure cascading over her body as she struggled to keep kissing Bee, shuddering and shaking all over the place, my fingers now deep inside Bee once again as I stared at the two of them, my cock throbbing.

As Immy calmed down and the last of her orgasm subsided, I kept teasing Bee’s body, moving up to her face to kiss her softly as Immy took the same vibrator she’d just used on herself and put it on Bee’s sensitive little clit. Immy teased her, made her beg, got her close to orgasm but then stopped at the last possible second a few times, the two of them driving me crazy as I gripped Bee’s neck, whispering in her ear, “You’re such a good little slut for us.”

Finally Immy decided to be nice and let Bee cum, Bee’s sensitive little body shaking as she moaned loudly, “Oh god, I’m going to cum”. My hand tightened around her little neck as I choked her, kissing her passionately, my tongue diving inside her mouth as she shook, her beautiful body looking so good, possessed by her orgasm as she shuddered violently, gripping the bedsheets, looking like an absolute goddess.

Part of a previous photoshoot we did together

As she finally collapsed in a heap, we removed the blindfold, took off her restraints, and I lay down in the middle of the bed, pulling her to me on one side, Immy on my other side, my arms wrapped around both of them. My god was I ever still horny, my cock throbbing and hard… but I decided to just enjoy the cuddles from these two beautiful young ladies as we snuggled and talked for an hour or so, basking in the afterglow.

Eventually we finished up, walked her to her car and kissed her goodbye, smiling as she left – grateful to have someone as wonderful (and as sexy!) as her in our lives.

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