NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

Another day, another 3some and fun photoshoot – but we’re mixing it up. This time Immy is writing this story, from her point of view. That’s right you dirty pervs – you get to here what a 3some is like from a female point of view.

Immy here, Andy’s girlfriend. This is a little story about a girl we met the other week. We had a hell of a lot of fun so I thought I might share it with you. Enjoy!

Storm is an absolute sweetheart. She’s petite and freckled with big gold framed glasses and little streaks of blue/green in her fair hair. She has small gauges in her ears, a nose ring, a tongue piercing and her body is spotted with various tattoos. On paper, she might sound intimidating but in person she’s just way too cute. She’s 25, but her sweetness easily makes her seem 18. On our first date in Starbucks she told my boyfriend Andy and I that if she was a boy, her mum would have named her Storm. Hence the little nickname.

The second meet up after the first coffee date was where the real fun began.  Storm was coming straight over so I dressed myself up in my favourite set of bright pink lingerie with matching stockings. I was very dressed up for a Tuesday morning, but I like feeling sexy when Andy and I play with a girl.

Storm was running late and I received a text saying: ‘I think Siri took me to the wrong place’. Cute. Andy and I wandered downstairs to see if we could see where she was. When we spotted her across the road, she was dressed in a oversized sweater with magic mushrooms on the front and a pair of blue jeans. Almost as soon as we got close and came in for a hug, she shyly told us that she’d dyed her hair the day before and forgotten to wear gloves. As a result she had blue hair dye all over her fingers. On inspection, her fingers were stained to the second knuckle in a faded blue colour. It was very endearing.

She was giggly and nervous, much like the first date. To spare her from the prolonged nervousness, as soon as we came up the elevator into Andy’s apartment, he picked up Storm in a fireman carry over his shoulder and I followed them into the bedroom. I lay down on the big bed and Andy’s placed Storm’s cute little body on top of mine. I could feel her whole body shake as she giggled, lying on top of me.

We wriggled off one another and had Storm sandwiched between the two of us, Andy and I were probably looking like we could feast on her. Her pretty blue eyes looked at me under her big glasses and I couldn’t help but smile as I leaned in for a kiss. I expected she would keep being a little reserved and shy, but as soon as we started kissing she turned into a little sex nymph.

We took turns trying different things as we made out. I would trace her lips with my tongue, she gently bit my lip, I put my hand to her throat and gently choked her. She was a brilliant kisser and our mouths and hands flowed with one another, moving to explore one another more fully. I have no doubt Andy was having fun watching the two of us. When I broke away from kissing Storm, Andy pounced on her, taking his turn to kiss her roughly. He pulled her close, grabbing her hair with his strong hands – a stark contrast to my more soft feminine touch. Now I was the one to have the pleasure of watching a very erotic show in front of me.

I started running my hands up and down Storm’s body, under her big jumper, taking my time between her legs rubbing her over her jeans as she and Andy continued to kiss. It started to get turned on as I drew out little moans with my touch. I quickly got tired of the barrier of clothing between us so we pulled off the jumper and jeans. What was revealed was the most adorable little yellow Whinnie the Pooh singlet top. She had paired with her top was black frilly lingerie that was patterned with little white and yellow daisies. She was beyond adorable. Her top clung to her perky tits, and you could see her nipples poking through. The little ensemble showed off her petite pale body perfectly.

Now that we had much easier access, Andy and I ran our hands over her body. We played with her nipples over shirt and rubbed over her panties, taking turns kissing and choking Storm and roughly squeezing her thighs. All the while she lay there letting out little moans as we played with different parts of her body. I pulled down her shirt a little to reveal little pink nipples. I sucked one while Andy took care of the other. I switched between circling oh so gently with my tongue, flicking at the little pink bud. Then I moved on and began to kiss and suck before I gently grazed my teeth over her nipple, biting down just hard enough to make her gasp.

While my mouth was busy I teased Storm by rubbing between her legs until I couldn’t help myself. I pulled her panties to the side and slipped a finger in. She was incredibly warm and wet and my finger easily slid in deeper and deeper, all the way in. When I pulled out, I held my wet finger up to Storm’s lips and she eagerly sucked her juices off my finger. I couldn’t help giving her a kiss for being such a good girl.

I started kissing down her body while Andy shuffled behind Storm. Storm lay with her back resting on Andy’s chest and Andy sat up leaning against the headboard of the bed. Her little black panties were awfully cute, standing out against her pale skin, but they had to come off. I slid them down her legs and started to tease and gently lick around Storm’s exposed pink pussy. I kissed around her thighs but didn’t quite give her what she wanted, avoiding her clit. I circled nearer and nearer to her clit with kisses and licks ever so gently, closer and closer until I very gingerly gave it a little lick. The moan from Storm was a good sign she was enjoying herself.

I couldn’t quite hear all the filthy things I knew Andy was whispering into Storm’s ear as I went down on her. But I could look up to see her eyes closed and hanging on every word, turning her on more and more. I slowly built up the pace, licking and sucking, looking up occasionally to see Storm’s face twisted in pleasure and Andy grinning – probably as turned on as I was. I slid my tongue down to lap up some of her juices that were dripping out. She had a delicious sweetness and I told her as such, “you taste so good…” I whispered. 

With how wet she was, I had to slip in a few fingers while I sucked her clit. I gently angled my fingers up to massage her G spot, keeping my tongue flicking away. As soon as I started with my fingers, Storm got more and more swept up in pleasure and moans got much louder . At this point I know Andy really couldn’t bear to just spectate. He moved from behind Storm, sitting her up and then pushing her onto all fours, getting her in ther perfect position to get used. As soon as Andy pushed in, Storm gasped in pleasure. He immediately started fucking her wildly, grabbing her by the shoulders to press their bodies together and get deep inside her.

I had the pleasure of getting to watch again, hearing Storm gasp and moan in ecstasy while getting pounded doggy-style. Looking into Andy’s eyes I could tell he was feeling a little wild, so I came up next to him and pressed my mouth to his, kissing him passionately. My aim was to get him more and more worked up. I teased, asking: “Does her little pussy feel good around your cock baby?”

I immediately saw his body react as he moaned and started fucking harder and faster. There is something so unbelievably hot about getting to watch my man go crazy fucking another girl. Watching things play out in front of me was making me far too horny, so I made it clear I needed a turn. Andy lay back and I climbed on top to ride him. Storm lay beside Andy to watch so I decided it was my turn to perform. I made sure to put on a bit of a show. I slowly lowered myself down, impaling myself and tipping my head back with a gasp. I quickly built up the pace and began grinding and rolling my hips, riding Andy, looking into Storm’s eyes and then Andy’s, moaning loudly, running my hands up and down my body and through my hair. I can be a little theatrical.

Storm and I took turns riding Andy. When it was her turn, Andy would alternate between going fast and hard, then slow and teasing.  Andy was moving his hips slowly and Storm was getting herself worked up, trying to bounce herself up and down but struggling to take control of Andy’s stubborn rhythm. In a moment of heightened sexual passion she slapped Andy, frustrated by the slow and teasing fucking she was getting. Immediately, Andy pulled her tight into his body, stomach to stomach, going crazy fucking her. While it was very hot, she definitely needed a little reciprocation. As she got pounded, I came down hard with my hand on her ass repeatedly spanking her, and she cried out: partly from the penetration and partly from the spanking. It was clear she wanted to be punished like a bad girl.  We were all getting far too close to climax far too prematurely. As hard as I’m sure it was, Andy abruptly pulled out. Storm and I protested with whines but it was necessary for us all to calm down a little and save something for later.

Little Miss Storm had told us she was really into the idea of nude photos, in her words, ‘It’s art!’. So we had planned to do a little shoot while playing in between. We tried on schoolgirl shirks, fluffy socks, different lingerie and played around with lots of stuffed toys. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, I’ll show rather than tell:

After slowing down with photos it was time for a break and some lunch. With Storm sans shoes (she’s a bit of a hippie), we walked along the beach to a nearby cafe and picked up food to go so we could eat by the sand looking out at the ocean. On the walk home we couldn’t help but stop to watch an old man, probably in his 70’s whistling bird calls, and feeding a family of magpies (a black and white native Australian bird). The man noticed us looking and enthusiastically invited us over saying we could feed them if we liked.

It wasn’t unlike Andy or I to turn down a friendly encounter so we happily obliged. The man dove into stories telling us about the generations of birds he’d been feeding for decades, all the places he’d been around Australia and different bird populations in the area. He was certainly a character. After a little coaxing we each had the birds land on our arm. If you threw up a little piece of meat, one of the magpies would swoop up to catch the food, mid-air with near perfect accuracy. It was a fun little interlude between sex.

We were all very unsatisfied when we got back to Andy’s apartment. It had felt like we’d spent the entire morning teasing one another and had a whole lot of sexual energy to expel.

When we got in, we immediately started playing again in the living room, not even taking the time to get to the bedroom. Like animals, hands were all over one another and we were pulling off our clothes again. 

Soon Andy was fucking Storm doggy style, with her body draped over the couch. Desperate for release, and unbelievably turned on by the bodies in front of me, I picked up my favourite pink vibrator and played with myself watching my blue haired little friend get used. I used the toy getting myself closer and closer to the edge, looking at Storm smiling in pleasure. I watched Andy furiously fuck her, spanking her ass leaving big red handprints on her fair skinned body. Then I would look back to Storm’s face to see how she gasped at the spanks, loving every second.

This would look incredible on video’ I thought. Realising I could make that a reality, I mustered up a whole lot of willpower to pull myself away from the couch so I could put down the toy and grab the camera. In his usual teasing fashion, putting on the perfect show for the camera, Andy would thrust fast and then slow driving Storm wild.

After documenting some of the fun I was desperate to keep playing so I handed Andy the camera and Storm switched positions, rolling onto her back, half sitting off the couch so Andy barely needed to stop. I lay next to her kissing her sweet little pink lips – as best as I could while her body rocked up and down from the fucking she was getting.

I played with the vibrator while I continued to kiss Storm, getting more and more passionate, my tongue dancing with hers. I could feel my climax building to its peak. I looked back at Storm and then Andy and then Storm again. Everyone was moaning and gasping, absolutely in the moment and it was tipping me over the edge. I started making more and more noise getting louder as my pleasure became more and more intense. Andy knew exactly what this meant, as he asked: “are you going to cum for us?”

I nodded, biting my lip, and just before I felt the wave of my orgasm rush through my body, I let out some barely intelligible, broken gasps asking: “can I, please? I think I’m going to – oh god. Can I cum, please Daddy? Please Storm? Can I cum? ” As they both nodded, I squeezed Storm’s hand and let go of the delicious tension between my legs, allowing the electric pleasure to course through my body. I arched my back, let out loud gasps and moans and I let the orgasm take hold of my body, feeling everything spasm in the best way possible.

This just brought Andy closer to his own climax. He pulled out of Storm and she got on her knees tongue out waiting expectantly at Andy’s feet. I pulled myself out of the post orgasm haze and reached for the camera ready to capture Andy’s load explode over Storm’s eager little face. She gently licked and kissed the head of Andy’s cock with her silver studded tongue as he got himself off. Ready to cum, Andy pulled Storm closer, gripping her hair, letting out a few deep grunts and breathing heavily as he came all over her waiting mouth. Andy’s load covered her mouth and chin and she smiled, knowing she’d done a very very good job. Storm wiped up the cum from her face and chin with her fingers and proceeded to put those fingers in her mouth, sucking them clean and smiling. She eagerly cleaned up the mess she had made like such a good girl.

I was eager for a taste too. Putting the camera down I went over to Storm for a kiss, tasting the remnants of Andy’s cum in her mouth. I felt a twitch between my legs again, turned on by being so filthy. I love feeling like a good girl too, so I messily kissed Storm, licking around her mouth to make sure we had finished every last drop of Andy’s cum.

Shortly after our three bodies collapsed on the couch shortly after, thoroughly satisfied. 

We also videoed the entire thing and took some more pictures too, which you can check out on Storm’s OnlyFans if you’d like:

UPDATE: P.S. Here’s a few more photos and GIFs we’ve taken during subsequent play sessions with her:

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