Board rules

  1. Welcome. Please note these forums are community-run, and as such, any content posted by members here is not necessarily endorsed by the moderators. #
  2. Add an Avatar of Yourself:

    Adding an avatar of yourself is mandatory if you want to use these forums. Otherwise your account will be deleted within 3 days.

    Why? It's hard for anyone to give you self-improvement and getting-laid advice if we don't know what you look like. If you're not getting results, your looks/style/bodyfat/etc is probably holding you back - but we can't know that without seeing what you look like. #
  3. The Entire Point of This Site:

    We set these forums up to help dudes who want to help themselves. If you're serious about your goals, if you're serious about making yourself into the most fucking kickass version of yourself you can be, then you'll love it here.

    Rules are pretty damn simple, and they all boil down to one tenet:

    If you want others to take you seriously, take yourself seriously.

    That's it. Just take yourself - and your goals - seriously. #
  4. Take Action (Don't Sit Around Theorising):

    On that note, this forum is all about commitment, taking action and actually getting shit done. Nobody expects you to be perfect (we're certainly not) - but no sitting around wasting time on "theories" and "hypotheticals" and "long discussions that are really just you procrastinating and avoiding doing the hard work." 

    Sitting around theorising about what the answer to your question "might" be will only get you so far. At some point you have to take the plunge, throw yourself into the deep end and actually try a bunch of stuff and find out for yourself. The answer to almost everything is take action first, and then you can do a bit of post-action discussion, if you need to. #
  5. Focus on the Positive; Not the Negative

    It's fine to get down once in a while - we all do. But don't sit around focusing on it for days/weeks at a time. Focus on what YOU can change. Your mission is all that matters.

    If you struggle to stop getting dragged down by negative thoughts, go read You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought.


    Like we said, our rules aren't complicated. Take yourself seriously, and you'll be rewarded with support from the most dedicated, hard-working and fiercely-loyal people you'll ever meet. The guys here are fucking good guys.

    -The mod team #
  6. 18 and older only

    You may only join if you're 18 or older.
    You may only mention anyone who's 18 or older.
    Mentioning of any girls under 18 (including "I hit on a girl then found out she wasn't 18") will result in a warning first, then a ban. Yes, this even includes if under 18 is perfectly legal in your country - all talk on these forums is limited to 18 and over ONLY. #