Should I keep my facial hair?

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Sun Oct 03, 2021 3:22 pm

I normally go with a completely shaved face (see avatar), but I read in one of Andy's articles that "99% of guys look better with facial hair", so decided to let mine grow out a bit. I've never liked how mine looks -- it's patchy, course, and lots of blonde mixed in which makes it look like "peach fuzz" especially at smaller lengths. There also seems to be a hint of red (my mom's a red-head).


Let me know if you think it actually looks good (maybe I'm just not used to it), tips for improving it, or whether I should just stick to my sexy-smooth clean-shaven face. Do I just need to grow it out more then trim it to a uniform length?

Regarding hair-growth products, I'm not really interested unless it will make me look significantly better over clean-shaven, which I'm perfectly content to stick with.

Oh, and here's another pic showing how in certain lighting, light reflects off my "blonde" hairs, which I think looks bad (click for higher-def version):
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