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Wed Jun 30, 2021 1:05 pm

I'm a month and a half into my weightloss and time for a review.

I started off at 200lb, with an estimated 25% body fat. This morning, I weighted in at 185.7lb, giving me a total loss of 14.3lb. Assuming that I was exactly 25% body fat at 200lb, this would bring my body fat down to 19.2% .

You can see all of my before and after pictures, aswell as Weight vs Time and Body Fat vs Time at the bottom of this post.

I'm really happy with these results so far, I didn't think I could make such major processess, but having a perosnal trainer, and talking more with the people at the gym has really motvated me.

I've already started to notice the difference physically. I've dropped atleast an inch of the wasit, and none of my previously well fitting cloths suit me.

When I got a personal trainer at the start of this journey, I flat out told him my goal 'was to get better looking naked'. He therefore recommended that I focus on loosing weight first, before I start bulking up. He ste me on a calorie deficiet, so whilst I won't be building much muscle, I should be loosing weight efficiently enough.

While we didn't set an actualy target, I want to aim for that 15% body fat when the abs start showing. Using my previous 25%BF at 200lb, 176.5lb will be my 15% body fat marker..

The question is, where to go form here. I'm still happy to aim for the 15% body fat goal. Assuming I'm loosing a minimum of 1lb a week, I should be hitting that goal within 10 weeks. Depending on wether I'm happy or not, it will be time to start looking at building muscle, or possible loosing more body fat.

Any feed back, recomemendation, or tips, would be highly appreciated.
Original (1).JPG
Original picture taken back in May.
30-06 (1).jpg
Picture taken this morning.

Weight Loss.png
Graph showing weight loss over time
Body Fat.png
Graph showing body fat loss over time
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