Advice on picking you're next goal / stage in life?

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Its been a while since I've been here (2020), Ive just updated my post about my last goal (Losing weight) and I've just hit my goal physique (Through cutting) now I'm focusing on adding some muscle but I've posted proof there that I've taken action on that goal.

Im now looking to move onto the next goal / stage of my life and im not sure exactly which direction I want to go and wanted to first type everything out (to help me think) and also if anyone has any advice or suggestions that would be great.

So a little about me first...

First serious goal I set in self improvements was girl related and through university went from never kissing a girl to sleeping with over 20/30 girls and having my first relationship, Since then slept with a few more girls and had a few FWBS / GFs along the way. Im happy with this however still think I could improve my appearance a little and still have slight insecurity when I go long times without meeting any girls etc (But I think that's fairly normal)

Second was to improve my phyisuqe which I have just completed the first part of that (Cutting) and now ill move onto a bulk but I want to make that a secondary goal to my main goal (Which I'm deciding on) . While cutting I also had money as my secondary goal (Get out of debt and try to save money) which I have done, I have got out of around 2-3K of debt and have 4K saved up currently.

Now my current situation is I've just quit my job (Hated it) working in hospitality. I want to start a phase of earning real money or building my own business. I can't see myself working for much longer at jobs I hate (I always seem to work and last a few months before quitting). So my options / Considerations at the moment are :

Keep working a job - I enjoy hospitality / bartending but the money isn't great and I hate having my schedule decided for me.

Other job options - There are options where I can get free accommodation and work in a hotel for example which means most of my salary would be going to saving (1k a month for example) and save up a bunch of money (Again not sure how Long I would stick this out)

Events company - I can work abroad for an events company which I've done before, Amazing lifestyle (A lot of party's, set your own schedule basically, a lot of time in the day to enjoy life and go to the gym etc but terrible money)

My own Buisness - I would love to start my own Buisness and I have the thought about creating a events company like the one I've worked for, my problem with this is mainly finding the funds to move to another country (Where this would work) and live there for however long it would take to get the company earning money.

I also have the thoughts recently I want to find a girlfriend / serious relationship. I don't have any want to have one night stands etc and at this point would rather not chase girls but find one girl (However with me not knowing what country ill be in soon makes this harder)

Im 26 ATM, My concern is going to another country and trying the events company and wasting all the cash and having to start again (Therefore having to work these shitty jobs to build up the cash again), The events company I can only do for a few months and I'm very much considering doing that just to have some fun for a little bit then either going to do my own events company or jumping back into a job for a few months before then going to do the events company.

Im at a crossroads and I have good options but I'm just not sure which one to pick and I'm not sure weather to focus on Buisness, saving money or finding a relationship. I want to within a few months - a year to have my own place and a girlfriend (Or serious relationship / FWB etc) so that I can be a in a good position while also working on my number 1 goal (Buisness or saving money).

This post is a little all over the place so apologies for that but its the first time typing everything out and I just wanted to get this quickly posted to see if anyone has any advice, Pointers etc.

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The first time you quit, it's hard. The second time, it gets easier. The third time, you don't even have to think about it.

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