Allen Carr's Easy Way to leave addictions behing: Porn, sugar, smoking, others

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Thu Aug 04, 2022 7:45 pm

Allen Carr found a way to leave addictions behind. It seems to work well for me and a lot of people. He started with smoking and adapted the method to other addictions.

I did two programs, successfully so far:

the inofficial NoPorn/Reboot book EasyPeasy and the official Sugar program Good Sugar Bad Sugar. Next one will be Emotional Eating. Friends did the smoking program successfully. German translations are fine, the German speaker is awesome.

English Reboot
German Reboot
all others: Audible, book stores or google for "b-ook"

My experience:
In my past, before Allen Carr's method, I fought the little monster successfully and got a$$-raped by the Big Monster after 100 days. Now I know how the Big Monster works, so currently I'm winning and preparing lube because I want to be the one who knocks.
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Thu Aug 04, 2022 9:56 pm

It's already recommended at the end of the easypeasymethod, but Rational Recovery cooperates great with Easyway to attack it from the other side, in being mindful of the small monster and how it actively tries to brainwash you over time.

I'm actually going through it right now to try to cure "digital addiction" as a catch-all, having already used Easyway (through Smart Phone Dumb Phone and with being really sloppy in reading it) to get ~50% of the effect I want: ... 3d934b9c44

And I agree, I really can't understate how impactful Easyway and Rational Recovery are - for the price of a couple hours of reading you save yourself a lifetime of agonizing over temptations etc, and they seem to be usable for pretty much anything. Incredible that they aren't more widespread.
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Thu Aug 04, 2022 10:15 pm

Damn I literally just posted about this in my log. I only just read it for the first time, but while reading I realized that I had used something similar to this method unintentionally in the past for other addictions. Really is awesome for changing your mindset!
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