Tying Mental Well-being to Looks

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Sun Apr 02, 2023 1:52 am

I totally agree with hush man. You're just selling yourself so short here. Your potential is so much higher than your self perception. But that tends to be the case for alot of dudes that find this forum. It wasn't originally called "good looking loser" for nothing.

It won't change overnight but you need to start confronting this idea that you're so lame and such a loser and a virgin and etc. Cause you can totally change it all if you want to. With time and work.
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Sun Apr 02, 2023 4:54 am

hush wrote:
Sat Apr 01, 2023 4:33 pm
Why? @uniloser20 is freaking good looking, why would he want to think of himself as average and not special? How would that improve his wellbeing?
Agreed with you hush. Gotta have a positive mindset. I've thought of myself as average and it has not helped my well-being whatsoever.

@Sisyphus, I have followed that mentality myself, and it has not lead to the healthiest of thoughts. I personally consider myself to be marginally better than average. Like maybe top 45%. Thinking of yourself as average (especially when you are blackpilled like I am) does not lead to the best of thoughts.

Plus, @uniloser20 is definitely not average given his looksmaxxing efforts. Why sell yourself short?

I think it's best to think of yourself as valuable, not just as average. Doesn't matter if you objectively ARE average in looks. First of all, I would argue that the vast majority of guys can become above average through looksmaxxing efforts if they are not already above average naturally. Even if your facial aesthetics are average, having a good body and good grooming/style can go a long way. And there's of course your game and social skills,
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