100 Approaches in One Day

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Thu Sep 10, 2020 3:40 am

I, RogerRoger, declare that I will approach 100 girls on 12 October 2020.

For those of you who weren't on GLL, I tried this back in March in Copenhagen (just before covid) and got to 42 approaches. Maybe I have rose-tinted glasses but looking back I think I definitely physically could have done it but I was physically/mentally exhausted (that was after several long days of approaching as "warm up" days).

But this time I'll be minty fresh and wearing comfy shoes!

If you have any tips or suggestions; or if you can think of potential pitfalls, have questions about how I'll handle X, comment below!
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Thu Sep 10, 2020 4:16 am

Damn you crazy, most I've done one day was like 8 lol. Good luck. Are same night lays viable for you? If so then I'd actually try to use GLL screening to see how many SNLs you can get (if you can't get the SNL you can still get their number).

Also I'd try to switch up locations, say 10 approaches within a 100 meter area at most, in case you get recognized. If you don't go to that locale regularly then deosn't matter.
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Thu Sep 10, 2020 5:41 am

Let's go all-in, baby!

RogerRoger and I have already decided to do a coaching call + I'll be on-call the entire day to motivate him, yell at him, help him, etc. Some things we've already started preparing:
- Plenty of food and water so his energy stays up
- Breaks, so he doesn't get burned out
- Different locations as @JamalHash123 said, so he's not doing them all in exactly the same spot
- Comfortable clothes and shoes, since he'll be out a lot
- Shower at some point and change clothes? Might get sweaty/gross if doing this for 10 hours
- Different city entirely - one with lots of people in it and a good university campus?
- What will he do if he has a chance to have an insta-bang? (He'll go for it, he's decided)
- Will he keep a record/tally of how many numbers he gets, how many girls say no, etc? (He'll likely just message me after every single girl and we'll go tally them all up at the end)

Anything else he or I haven't thought of, throw it at him/me.
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Thu Sep 10, 2020 6:21 am

Glad to see you killing it.

My suggestion is to supplement with Rhodiola Rosea (I suggest the Now Foods brand) and Ashwaghanda (Jarrow Formulas since it has the KSM-66 variety) during the day. They're both great for physical demanding situations and also help with mental fatigue. Plus they don't cause the crazy fluctuations Kratom and Modafinil cause.

If you're skeptical with those, BCAA can also do the trick. But they mainly help with your physical energy
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Thu Sep 10, 2020 11:22 pm

You'll be fine just have to deal with mental exhaustion. I'll try this after corona.

I think early mornings will be interesting. Just have a general plan on where to go and remember that it's one approach at a time don't think about the next 50 just the next 1 or 2.

And that it's likely things won't go according to plan and to just keep pushing. I look forward to it.
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Thu Sep 10, 2020 11:32 pm

Not heard of anyone other than Cool Guy getting this done

Good luck brother
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Fri Sep 11, 2020 5:25 am

@JamalHash123, that's definitely good advice, historically I start getting anxious when I hit on girls in one spot for a while. If I try to do this at my local campus, I'd likely be doing the vast majority all within 100m^2 which might be an issue. As Andy mentioned, another idea is to go to a city (main one I'm thinking of now is Chicago). Main downside is I won't have as much experience with that spot / know where to go.

As for SNL, I ~don't drink and bars are weird now with covid so not planning on doing that soon. I'll definitely go for that after the SDL tho.

@Crisis_Overcomer, my default response is I don't use drugs :P However, I *might* use coffee/caffeine if Andy requests it. I actually do have Ashwagandha powder so I might add that to a protein shake. I don't really notice anything from it.

@Jacobpalmer123, ya I'll definitely take it one approach at a time.

@Radical, cheers dude. Honestly, I bet it would be *so* easy to do this in Paris. The major downside of the US is we ~don't have metros. Besides coolguy, pretty sure Hollow ~regularly hit 100 approaches in a day when he was gunning for same day lays. I doubt he counted for the most part, I think there was one time he complained he approached 100 girls and didn't get the SDL.
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