The Best Mentality for Dealing With Flakes and Ghosts

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Thu Feb 23, 2023 3:12 pm

That's quite solid advice. In fact, I've noticed this seems to be some sort of natural transition among guys who do primarily day game, leaning towards a more stoic, less validation-seeking and less invested behavior.

Because as you do many approaches, go to many dates and experiment with different interactions, you do realize, it is indeed, for the most part, the last time you're seeing her and ghosting will happen.

You also notice it can't be really something personal (again, for the most part). Some of these girls were interested, they thought you were hot. Some even told you for no reason at all. Yet, they ghost.

I personally see no direct link between whether she'll ghost and her appearance, I just feel like most girls, hot or not ghost, regardless.

I think that these sorts of experiences, "negative outcomes", if you will, and not the positive ones, are what really build up that tolerance. Perhaps that frustration one might experience whilst going through these experiences is just a mere step in the process of achieving this.
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Mon Mar 27, 2023 5:43 pm

The women that matter will communicate with you often. The ones that don't are just missing out. It's just a part of life that is full of uncertainty. Can try to increase odds by improving yourself. Can think of it like trying to dig for gold, there's going to be a lot of scrap metal found in the process.
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Tue May 23, 2023 4:23 am

I haven’t hooked up with many super hotties yet, if I match up with one I do feel a bit angsty about her, a bit of desperation hoping I’ll get to meet her at least.

Once I meet though I can accept whatever outcome happens because I know I will naturally do my best taking into account my personal stresses and situation.

This is why I really wanna make cold approach part of my life, skips directly to in person interaction.

If I had a super hot fuckbuddy I would definitely care less if some match flakes or whatever.

It seems like many things in life, once the ball gets rolling things only get easier not harder.

I’ll say this though, the “state” you are in affects what your “philosophy” is and that can change day to day.

Sometimes you can feel “stoic”, other times some other shit.

Personally my favorite vibe is “smile enjoy life”, not taking things seriously and just having a good time enjoying the process of talking to girls whether online or in person, it seems in such a state I’m just happy full stop, I love girls and I love pussy and I’m gonna get after it and whatever happens happens, if I go home empty handed I’m still a happy camper :)

I think this is “the way” like in Taoism, Tao Te Ching, it’s just such a happy way of life, it’s such a pleasure to live this way.

The challenge is to get to that point, ironically though we’re all born this way and society molds us to suffer.

This ain’t even about getting laid in particular, just a way of living life such that you actually enjoy the experience of living your life. Lol
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Tue May 23, 2023 4:38 am

Like for example a few days ago I matched with a legit hottie on hinge she was in the “standouts” section, one of her photos is super fuckin hot.

I msged her and was really hoping she’d reply and she did , small talk later I ask for number and we’ll grab drink.
She replied she’s down but doesn’t drink but didn’t send number.
I msged back saying that’s cool we can get food and so what’s your number.

I felt desperate cause I’m a horny bastard and she’s so fuckin hot and I want her, so when she didn’t reply for a day or whatever I messaged again hoping it would “refresh” in her chat or whatever saying we can just go for a walk too or whatever.

Then weekend came no response still and in my desperation I messaged again “how about this weekend???”

No response,
Then 2 days later in final bout of desperation I messaged
😮💨 got all excited for nothing I guess”
Which is the god honest truth, I was excited I meet her and now I felt it was for nothing, and my desperation felt a sense of closure and I let it go.

Then a day later she responds
“Sorry I barely use this app 😂😂

Desperation reignited
But not as much
I said “lol what’s your number then”

And tonight she sent me her number

Then I text her hey sexy, she reply “?”
I txt “it’s boris, what’s up”
And now we’ll see…

But point is yea I feel a sense of “scarcity” rn with super hotties I really want this girl and I accept this is how I feel rn.

I just can’t do the “stoic” thing atm although in the end I do accept whatever will happen.

But it is what it is I’m fuckin horny for this girl I want her so bad I wanna eat her pussy and fuck her while making out and feel up her whole body and I’ll feel a bit sad if It doesn’t happen.

I think cold approaching will help with a sense of “abundance” as well as having a bette dating profile so I can get more frequent hot matches.

These are the “actionable” steps, everything else kinda at the mercy of where you are in life and the kind of person you are.

I mean brahhhh honestly I’d rather be desperate horny fucker that I am vs the virgin porn addict that I was for many years to whom any hottie anywhere was an out of sight and out of mind.

All part of the process
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Wed May 24, 2023 4:35 am

Lol now a day later I’m like why did I spend all that energy writing all that, just goes to show how our “state” affects us.
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