Rotation, what is a realistic number of women a guy can keep?

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Mon Sep 05, 2022 2:43 am

Ever since cold approaching (daygame) this year, I have managed to get laid a few times but with two girls in particular, I have built some relationships. One I have fucked more than 10 different times and probably lost count at this point and the other I have been fucking a few times too.

I am also doing cold approach to get good at daygame. It started off like hell but after a lot of effort and improvement, it is finally paying dividends. However, I am at somewhat of a dilemma because sex with the two women I have on rotation I have right now is insanely good. I am kind of new to this lifestyle though since previously, it was a one night stand sort of life for me.

I am starting to think about how many more women can I bring into my life and realistically retain without it becoming too much. My thoughts were more than three then it becomes tough.

Is there much of a hard cut off number?

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Mon Sep 05, 2022 4:02 am

Well I'm a newbie but since this is one of my biggest goals, I'll tell you my personal opinion on this matter.

My goal is 3 girls. If you've read logs of many Chads on here who have rotations, Paid Renegade and Holden come to mind, you'll find that they sometimes find sex draining and more of a "performance". But I'll let those guys speak for themselves. I personally do find sex to be quite draining.

To answer your question, there is no answer to that question. Everybody has their own subjective answer.

I only want 3 girls at a time because otherwise it's difficult to see them every week if you want to do other things with your life. Also, I think 3 attractive girls would be enough to satisfy me to the point where I wouldn't be craving additional sex.

So really this is a question you need to ask yourself. How many girls do you think you can manage?

I agree with your answer, more than 3 seems tough. Even though you could see 4 one day apart from each other, it's unlikely that all their schedules would allow for that.
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Mon Sep 05, 2022 5:20 am

Realistic number of girls on rotation: 4.23

Locking this before it turns into a mental masturbation fest.

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