Need Advice for Progressing Dates

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Name: Eli
Goal: Get Laid
Age: 24

Fri Nov 18, 2022 4:33 am

Hey guys. 24M here. I'm seeking advice on progressing things with women. I found KYIL mid October. Downloaded all the apps, got better pictures, got Tinder platinum, and have been on a few dates. I fucked up and have horrible student loan debt (120k) so I'm living with my parents for a few years (just graduated, only making 60k).

I've been on 3 dates so far, 2 with the same girl. My goal is to get laid (I just want a girlfriend though to be honest) but I'm unsure of how to do that when I don't have my own place. I've been using the "very cute" opener mostly, but have done quite a bit of the "very sexy" openers as well. Most I've done with the first girl is hug and hold hands, was rejected when asked if she wants to come back to a hotel with me. Going on another date with her but don't feel like pursuing her in that way anymore. Do I continue to go on dates and getting hotels beforehand? It's pretty costly to do so, and even more so when nothing is actually happening.
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Fri Nov 18, 2022 7:50 am

It’s gonna be a struggle to get laid without your own place regardless of what you do. I’m in the same situation and you definitely lose out on quite a big margin.

Couple solutions:

First of all you can’t go from holding hands and a cuddle to asking her to go to a hotel with you. Touch, kiss, grab her butt, tease, … if you want a girl to book a hotel with you, she’ll need to be very aroused.

Try to invite yourself at her place. I have quite a bit of success with suggesting dancing together. Still it is not easy to pull off since girls are just more inclined to come to you (romantic balcony line you know) than the other way around

You can go for the build up. First date is in public, create tension, kiss her, … basically build up tension so your next date can be at hers (or yours if you know you’re alone)

Last bet is to go for the lay in public. Super hard but it’s hot asf if it works.
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