I completed my goal, but now I have a month of nothing to do.... (I'm going to figure out how to make money)

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Wed Mar 08, 2023 7:53 pm

So, I went into this forum studying to get licensed to work in life insurance sales. My goal at the time was to finish my course and schedule my exam to get licensed. Well, I completed that goal and I scheduled my exam. There's just one problem... my exam is scheduled to be in a little over a month, meaning I have nothing to do for a whole month. I don't have any major bills to drain my bank account, but I also have no car and my own place to just focus on cold approach and game. The only thing I can do during this free period is work 2-3 times a week with my parents (if they have the spot open). Besides that, I don't have anything I have to do. I can spend this time just being lazy. However, I can also spend this time figuring out how to make money and that is precisely what I'm going to do.

I can start the blog I've wanted to start, but I currently don't have the money to open the site.

I'll spend my time researching until I can come up with a way to make money. I'll look around in the forums and see what people have posted in this section.

I DO HAVE ONE IDEA/ACTION PLAN and I'll see if I can make it work. I know there are people who managed to get a digital marketing job with no higher education and with little to no experience in the field. Digital marketing is something that I've developed a bit of an interest in, so I'll see if I can make something work during this free month. (My remote sales job let's me put in minimal hours as long as I get some sales, so I can afford to get another job.)

Regardless, I want to build an income stream this month, and I want to track my progress here.

I would appreciate it if anyone has any tips for building an extra income stream (even if it isn't a quick one).
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