Avanar or other fat loss steroids

Disclaimer: I absolutely DO NOT advocate for you doing anything that's against the law, including illicit drug use. Everything here is for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY.
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I am considering it in order to help get my BF% down to 12; however I am having a hard time finding genuine reviews and experiences online. Pretty much every articles online tries to sell it, and the ones advocating against it tries to sell some other shit. I have a personal trainer but he has no idea about those. Anyone here ever tried it?
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Ive tried Anavar for 1 month. I got it from a chinese broker, that gets it from a lab.

I dont know how much purity it had. Probably something like 80%. The other 20% probably is just unreactive material in the cooking. I didnt send it to a lab. I did a home test to check if it was oxandrolone, but I did fuckup the test and I didnt repeat it.

Positive points:
-Dirty cheap (because I buy from a china lab).
-Feel more energy (finish workouts and not being tired)
-Way more horny
-I dont get tired having sex (neither mentally or physically, doesnt matter how energetic you do it). So... yeah! Fucking sex machine. And you recover faster also to do it again.

Bad points:
-Strong falling hair from day 1
-Horrible sleep apnea from day 1 (you feel asphixia when trying to sleep. Sleeping becomes pretty shitty)
-Apnea doesnt let you rest well
-Monstruous snoring (you wake up people living up and down to you. For a girl sleeping next to you is impossible to sleep).
-I did snore so strong that my own snoring wakes me up

I have no interest in repeating the experiment. More than 4 weeks and you may need a post cycle. Almost no physical improvement. Just feeling good.
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