Significantly increasing testosterone without gear

Disclaimer: I absolutely DO NOT advocate for you doing anything that's against the law, including illicit drug use. Everything here is for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY.
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Sun Mar 21, 2021 5:26 am

So this is something I'm working on right now. Anyone have thoughts on this?

I have never used gear before, and would rather not go on it in the future at all. And just stay at a very high level naturally. I think I may (possibly / potentially) have figured it out but it needs more time and research.

I also have a full head of hair right now at 33, and would like to keep it that way.

I've read a bunch of books on the subject already, general consensus seems to be that this is impossible without gear. As in all the natural methods are bullshit and either do nothing, or very minor / moderate effects.

I'm naturally lower testosterone genetically by the way. It's only even recently that I've experienced having a higher level of it. I can already spike it alot naturally (temporarily), I just don't know if I can maintain it like that day after day over time yet. Or if there are side effects or problems that will arise from the methods.

I also need to see how it works out when I start working out alot more, if it will translate into athletic performance.

Anyone have any ideas on how to naturally increase this?
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