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Fri May 07, 2021 2:07 am

Hey, does anyone use Marek or any other online TRT clinics (or any in-person ones or endos around LA), and if so, what's your experience been like and what did you pay?

I only recently (fucking finally) got put on real test by my new endo, my previous one had put me on just clomid, I had to stay on that shit for 6 months even AFTER switching to this guy (and having three tests come back <300 ) to go on the real deal.

I felt awesome the first couple days on TRT (I had a sex drive again! I hadn't had one of those in like five god damn years!), but once my endogenous production shut down and I switched to more-frequent injections (50mg every 3.5 days, down from 100/wk) I haven't felt good again. Now, if I do 100mg in one go, I'm fine for a couple days, then feel like ABSOLUTE SHIT until my next shot. I'd like to just be able to experiment more for myself, but doubt I'll be able to get a script for much more than 100mg/wk now, from this guy, since my last test came back at 760 total. Once he saw that he figured we're done, but, problem is I still have no libido, constant anxiety, trouble sleeping and waking up, and everything else you'd expect. Also he didn't even measure free, and acted like I was weird for asking to do that as well since I still feel shitty.

Ideas? I'm not familiar with this world, how would I even look for either a good clinic or endocrinologist other than just googling and randomly trying them for six months?
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Fri May 07, 2021 6:11 pm

I'd recommend BalanceMyHormones for anyone in UK/EU, stellar service.

As for US, you have much greater choice, but I'd say @dashedhopes is the man to ask for the right direction
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Sat May 08, 2021 4:54 am

Marek is the way to go man.

Probably going to be pricey but they're going to interpret your blood results properly and actually figure out what's going on.

I'd say if you still have no sex drive after getting on 100mg/week there's something else going on.

Marek is likely going to figure it out.

I haven't used it but Derek is my guy and I have a lot of trust in anything he offers his audience. He hand picks the doctors he takes on and he's not going to hire someone that doesn't know what they're doing.
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