Increasing testosterone/sex drive

Disclaimer: I absolutely DO NOT advocate for you doing anything that's against the law, including illicit drug use. Everything here is for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY.
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Many things have already been said. In addition, here something about supplements:

First get a bloodwork with free testosterone, absolute testosterone, SHBG, estrogen, LH/FSH, and if you want DHT.

Supplements for more Test:
- Take D3/K2 and Ashwagandha. If you want to spend more money, tell me and I'll give you 2-3 more supps.

Supplements for more Libido:
- Realperuvian Maca, horny goat weed

Of course, if you're willing to take medication, there are other options to push T, like clomid or injecting T. For libido there is PT-141. If you are willing to go this way, tell me.
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