Going Out Stack to FEEL AMAZING

Disclaimer: I absolutely DO NOT advocate for you doing anything that's against the law, including illicit drug use. Everything here is for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY.
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@chado fairly easy to get it off of the dark web using crypto.
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+1 for microdosing LSD, have done that 50+ times. Do your own research though; I'm not advocating anything illegal, usual disclaimer, blah blah blah.
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I usually just drink when i go out, of course have the showering / grooming and music etc as well. I wanted to ask though how you manage to get a decent physique while drinking 1/2 x a week. I guess its easier once you already have a good body to maintain it while drinking? Rather than trying to get a good body while drinking?.

I got down from 90KG to 78KG and then everything opened and its summer and now im fluctuating between 78 - 78.5 KG which is still ok for me but i want to get to around 72KG (12% BF). Wondering if you have any tips? Im also wondering if its worth it to just enjoy my summer, try to maintain 78KG and then when summers done then go hard for another 2 months.
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Fri Jul 03, 2020 4:43 pm

Ok, Cheers. I defiantly got better with not eating after a night out. I also fast for most of the day before going out and fast the day after. My problem is i cant seem to order vodka waters and especially once im drunk i start drinking vodka cokes etc. I will try to force myself to do this.

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