The Best Real Estate Investing Educational Sources (I have 10 years of experience))

Books, podcasts, YouTube vids and movies.
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Sat Jun 12, 2021 6:51 pm

Best Podcast: Jason Hartman - The guy is an absolute dork, but his material is solid. He has HUNDREDS of episodes, but his number has been artificially inflated since he does a "Flashback Friday" episode every Friday that's just a rerun of a prior episode. However, the chosen episode is carefully selected to be relevant to whatever is going on in the world.

Best YouTube Channel: MeetKevin - Kevin's paid programs are OUTSTANDING, and well worth the money. If you're serious about real estate investing, the things you learn in his course will save you money that will pay for the course several times over.

Best Forums: BiggerPockets. The BP community is a great place to find local real estate investment professionals that know what they're doing, and how to approach investments. Don't hire a real estate agent that primarily deals with dumbass couples that look for the biggest house they can afford!

Notable mentions: Greg Pinneo, Carlton Sheets, Robyn Thompson, and Ron Legrand (especially his commercial real estate course).

I left out Grant Cardone because I believe there are superior places to learn, and the guy is kind of a sleazeball.
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Thanks big man. I just invested in my first property, a small flat, went 50/50 on it with my brother. I have never done this before but I just went in and gave it a go. From 30-35 I want to give my financial goals and my sex life 200 fucking %. I am bookmarking this thread and will look into everything.

If you wanna drop any tips for newbies please do brother.

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