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Name: Andy
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Tue Apr 25, 2023 10:35 pm

Alright - time to turbo charge my productivity and take things to the next level.

I have massive fucking plans for this community, but right now I'm bogged down by having to edit all my content myself. I want us to grow this place into something epic - and I need to free up more of my time.

I'm looking for a video editor to take over all my editing.

You'd be editing YT Shorts (max 1 min long) and full-length vids (usually less than 1hr long - I'm aiming for more of my content to be around 20-30mins).
- Adding subtitles to YT shorts
- Cutting out mistakes/boring bits
- Adding text on screen with full videos (eg summaries of what I'm talking about, infographics, etc)
- Adding timestamps (chapters) to some videos
- You'll have creative freedom to add any graphics, images, memes, etc when appropriate
- Sound effects/music (when appropriate)

I'm looking for someone who's SUPER PASSIONATE about my content/our community, SUPER PASSIONATE about helping people and improving the world, and SUPER PASSIONATE about video editing and showing off your creative side!

In exchange, I'll give you access to the coaching program for as long as you're able to do all my video editing. At the time of writing, the coaching program is valued at $2333 USD/month, but that price is only going to go up over the next year or so (goal is to eventually give enough value that we can charge the equivalent of $6666 USD/month). So you'd be getting insane value by doing my video editing. And it's not just about the money - if you become my video editor, I will be your mentor - you'll be my protegee. You'll have my loyalty and gratitude.

I'll also promote you and your video editing services - in the description of every video, plus I'll shout you out from time to time. Plus, you're welcome to come on my channel for an interview, literally promoting your services (and obviously giving value/advice to the audience at the same time).

To start with, it'll be roughly 3 shorts and 3 full-length vids a week. But the amount of editing is going to grow over time (as I start recording more and more content - I plan on going HARD with tons of content) - if we get to a point where it's taking up a lot of your time each week and you feel like you'd like more compensation, we can discuss me also paying you a little something per video (on top of access to the coaching program). I won't be able to do this right away, but as the audience and income grows, and as your workload grows, I will make sure you're happy.
My mission is for this to be a super beneficial partnership for both myself, and you. As I said, I have huge plans for my channel and this community in general - let's go to the moon, baby!

Get in touch here: I'll get you to show me a couple examples of your work - or alternatively, you can edit one of my shorts (I'll throw you, say, $50 to compensate you for your time).
I'm super grateful for all of you. Use these forums to take action & build yourself an elite life.
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