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Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:09 pm

Hey guys, wanted to clarify something.

There's to be no more linking to your own coaching services, or any products you sell, in any posts you make on these forums.

ONE link in your signature mentioning you offer coaching is fine. (See the link I have in my own signature for an example).

Linking to a helpful article you've written on your own site, with a genuine goal to help people is fine (as long as it's not just a thinly-veiled marketing strategy to get people to sign up for your coaching).

Casually mentioning "I worked with a client today, was amazing" if it's relevant to your own progress log is fine. But please don't write paragraphs about how your coaching is amazing, "DM me for more info", etc.

These forums are for SELF-IMPROVEMENT, not marketing your business. I myself hate visiting a forum that's fully of people going on about their services; it feels slimy, gross. I made these forums with the best of intentions - literally because a bunch of you (especially Radical) kept begging me to so we could keep the GLL community alive. Let's keep that purity and keep these forums strictly to self-improvement.

And for those of you who've recently started your own businesses/coaching services: you're never going to build your business up if you only have ONE pool of guys you market to. You've gotta stop relying on my audience/my forums and thinking I'm going to be your ticket to financial freedom. You need to spread your wings and do some of the things I've told many of you:

Write 300 GOOD articles and build a loyal following.

Start a YouTube channel/podcast and grow it to 1000 subs.

Post your best (most helpful) articles on Reddit and help people.

Help people on my forums - if you genuinely help them, they'll naturally want to click the coaching link in your signature.

In other words:
Change people's lives. Give value.

Again, you're not going to build financial freedom by piggybacking off ONE person's audience. Spread those wings and expand guys; I believe in you. After all, if I built all this by myself by simply helping people (giving value), you sure as hell can too.

Any questions: run them by Radical if you're not sure.

Andy / Australia
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