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Joined: Mon Apr 11, 2022 8:01 pm
Goal: Social Freedom
Age: 19

Mon Apr 11, 2022 8:27 pm

I, Imbacile, commit to working on my goals and taking myself seriously.
The main goal I have is just complete social freedom. Honestly I'm already pretty free but Derek from MPMD described how the AA program and approaching helped him in way more ways than just with women, like in job interviews and just any social setting. I don't have issues with girls I get laid pretty regularly, I also look pretty good I'm 6'6" 205 lbs but I do want to put on some more muscle which is my second goal.
That's it, I started this account only to log my AA program which I will start tomorrow.
Total Lays: 13
-Finish AA Program
-100% Sober Lay (LMAO)
-Stay in the Gym
-Get better at fuckin'
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Joined: Tue Apr 12, 2022 1:05 am
Name: Kyler
Goal: More confidence
Age: 22

Tue Apr 12, 2022 1:22 am

I, Kyler, commit to working on my goals and taking myself seriously.

About me
-5’11” 228 lbs
-been engaged twice so don’t really got a lot of confidence considering one stole money and the other cheated

- reach 100 lays (currently at 75)
-get more confidence
-fuck my ex’s best friend
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Joined: Thu Dec 30, 2021 12:57 am
Goal: Rotation of hot FWBs
Age: 22
Motto: Nothing worth having in life comes easy
Location: The Big Apple

Tue Apr 12, 2022 1:43 am

kylerbro44 wrote:
Tue Apr 12, 2022 1:22 am
-been engaged twice so don’t really got a lot of confidence considering one stole money and the other cheated
You've been engaged twice, damn man. Can't imagine having experienced that once at this age, let alone twice.

Welcome to the forums.
"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy," - MLK Jr.

Lay count: 7
2022: 4

- Get 3 lays this year (COMPLETED)
- Two plates simultaneously
- Three plates simultaneously
- Do first approach
- Threesome with two girls
- 135x5 bench (currently 120x5)
- 185x5 squat (currently 155x5)
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Joined: Mon Apr 11, 2022 11:40 pm
Name: Vizzy
Goal: Achieve Freedom
Age: 22
Motto: Comparison is the thief of joy
Location: United States

Tue Apr 12, 2022 2:44 am

I, Vizzy, commit to working on my goals and taking myself seriously.

About me-

22 years old
Works Monday through Friday dayshift doing inventory in a warehouse
Lives with parents.
I have an undiagnosed illness that has been causing chronic severe pain in both shoulders and sides of the neck since June 2020. It has severely impacted my social life, education, and in general quality of life. Next step in the journey is a new appointment September 28th 2022 (six months from now).

General Goals-

Be more organized.
Be more social
Fix my style.
Get a proper photo album made for dating apps.
Gain more sex appeal
Have a better healthcare routine.
Better diet.

2022 goals-

2 new lays
Buy a car
Move out
Make five new friends that I talk to every day
Make one new close friend
Journal every day

There is so much more I could add about my life here but I need to get posted and active on this forum. I have been putting it off for weeks. I can’t wait to be a part of this community any longer.
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Joined: Tue Apr 12, 2022 5:24 am
Goal: Build sex life
Age: 26

Tue Apr 12, 2022 6:26 am

I, roykingatx, commit to working on my goals and taking myself seriously.

Top Priority goals:
1. beat aa
2. build awesome sex life
3. build my music/art career

On-going goals:
4. figure out how to get into tech marketing to make tech money without having to do my previous really technical job >> aka start making money again.
5. continue releasing music and building projects.
6. improve my fashion >> will happen when I'm making money again
7. get back in the gym.
8. improving art skills >> visual programs like touchdesigner.
9. building a patreon centered around audio/visual work (music + visual art) to begin laying the ground work for a career.
10. develop touchdesigner skills to the point where i can do it as a paying job.
11. learn more about investing.

Current progress:
aa - I am on day 17 of the gll aa program. First day that is REALLY KICKING MY ASS but I'm going out again tomorrow to just do it and not even think of how fucking stupid it is to sing the abc's to people. I think I'm in my head about it instead of realizing the responses will probably be the same >> mostly neutral/huh?, some bad, some good.

sex life - Had years where I was so focused on other parts of my life that my sex life was completely dormant. Recently I just invited a girl over who's pretty cute and we've been hooking up. Goal is to continue with aa while getting a couple more casual relationships in my life from online.

music - Left my old job in August 2020 after saving up a lot of money to live off of while pursuing music fulltime. Have built up a vault of tracks in that time, improved my skills and vision, begun releasing projects, dj-ing, and am currently putting together a website with a social media focused marketing strategy to capture emails to begin building an email list to communicate directly with fans.

This is basically where I'm at in 2022. My main goals are to beat aa, develop the sex life I want* and then continue to push the music/art forward. The on-going goals basically all help push these 3 forward.

*I will have to get more clear on what that means for me but for now it would mean being able to go out and comfortably hit on women I find attractive and then sleep with them if they're available. That and have 3-5 girls I can call over at any time that I enjoy having around. Not sure if I care too much about hitting any numbers but I would like to see myself really go out and get new girls consistently at some point so maybe I'll have a year or two where I'm focusing on a new girl every week or two. I also need to write down a bucket list.
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Joined: Tue Apr 12, 2022 10:37 am
Goal: Build a fulfilling life
Age: 23
Motto: Freedom Requires Courage

Tue Apr 12, 2022 11:37 am

I, dbl4z3, commit to working on my goals and taking myself seriously.
First of all hello everyone.
I am dbl4z3 and my primary goal is to build a fulfilling life.
My short term goals are:
-Lose my virginity i am kinda embarrassed to admit it but i have never had sex. This is due to multiply reasons: being an awkward shy teen, didn't care about my appearance until i got 17, my upbringing - distant father always at work and too tired to teach me "man things" - my idea of relationships and love came from movies (like Disney, romance movies etc. - lame, yeah i know) . I had a gf but we never had sex since she thought sex is "dirty" and we can love each other without having sex (this is my fault since i was a typical nice guy no boundaries, getting emotional etc. - i am still working on it looking back at it i could be better at screening her right from the bat but i had zero abundance mindset )
- Working on my mental health and wellbeing (i have fears that i need to sort out like fear of getting in trouble or getting told off, fear of getting lost while driving)
- Loosing a little bit of fat so i can get visible abs and building more muscle
- Finish my thesis
- Taking better photos for both social media and dating apps (tinder and badoo might not work for me since i have used them and there are not many girls near me since i live in a small town. so i want to try instagram and cold approaching to meet new girls)
- Approach more girls (i have cold approached one girl in my life)
- Improve my social life ( have more guy and girl friends)

Since i have a deadline i would have to prioritize some goals over others:
I have to prioritize my thesis and i have to work and study consistently (which is a problem for me since i get bored and distracted easily) . To do this i would try different studying techniques like the Pomodoro technique (study for 45 minutes and then get a break for 5 minutes. i will try to get at least 4 Pomodoro sessions a day for start and i'll try to increase it.
I have to prioritize my mental and physical wellbeing . For my mental wellbeing atlest a light session of working out (like walking since right now i can't work out hard due to some issues , i will probably be able to properly work out (calisthenics , body weights training) 2 weeks from now). I will put myself to uncomfortable situations (expose therapy) . Lastly i will pick up journaling everyday (to write about what went on the day , what i did wrong , what i can improve etc.) .
Taking better photos and improving my instagram account . I will have to learn how to take good photos (read on the internet , then practicing by taking more photos) .
Losing my virginity: i will have to plan this out since i don't know what i am doing ( after i take some decent photos i will sing up for tinder and badoo again but i will have to give myself some time to figure it out like 2-3 weeks max)
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Joined: Wed Apr 13, 2022 4:48 pm
Name: Don
Goal: Elite OLD portfolio
Age: 25

Wed Apr 13, 2022 5:05 pm

I, Don, commit to working on my goals and taking myself seriously.

I've been following this forum for a while now, and I'm impressed by the progress I see you guys making. It's inspiring.

I've got several goals that I'm currently working on, but the one I'm most interested in discussing on this forum is building an elite OLD presence. Fitness, style, fashion, photos, apps, etc. I don't plan on creating a log (for now), but we'll see what happens.
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Joined: Mon Apr 04, 2022 5:27 pm
Name: Nick
Goal: Starting a career
Age: 21
Motto: How you do one thing is how you do everything.
Location: Ottawa, Canada

Thu Apr 14, 2022 11:38 pm

I, oak_vision, commit to working on my goals and taking my life seriously.

Hey everyone. Logistics first: I'm a 21yr old 6'2" 178lbs skinnyfat dude who lives with his mom and has lived life as a sweetheart nice guy until now (manifesting as no ambition, allowing myself to be used by others). Andy's story is what has drawn me specifically to his message and his community; I'm intimately familiar with his bloody crawl out of depression to find that life ain't so awful on the other side. Just to put my achievements out there, I've overcome obesity (used to be 300lbs at my heaviest) and alcohol/weed use, went from severely agoraphobic to travelling on my own (I spent time volunteering on organic farms last summer) where I made my first friends since childhood, had my first (and second) lay, and learned which direction I wanted to take my life. In nine days I'm moving to a new city (partly to leave the nest, partly to be closer to a girl I met while volunteering who I've kept up an LDR with) to start my first job in arboriculture and I eventually want to work my way up to being a climbing arborist. Fitness and taking control of my body is a goal that benefits my career and my spiritual life so I want to focus on that as my 1b aside from the job. I know the future holds a lot for everyone humble enough to be here. Glad to get going.

My goals for 2022:
- Bring BF% down (keep going on 18:6 IF and low carb)
- Run a half-marathon (max distance I can safely run rn is ~15KM)
- See's beginner workout routine through for the rest of the year
- Develop a yoga routine
- Keep up my habit of cold showers/baths (ngl that's no problem cold exposure is a drug for me)
- Journal daily
- Soak up as much skill and knowledge as I can from my job before I go to college for urban forestry in September
^- Crush my college classes
^- Have solid relationships with my classmates
- Take initiative in my sex life and get laid at least once from approach (Both lays and the times I've made out with club demons were all initiated by the girl)

In making a plan throughout the year to achieve these goals and reaching my targets, I hope that I become a more patient and engaged person in my personal relationships, feel more secure about my place in the world (especially relative to other men), experience more strength and freedom in my body and mind, be a more attractive person to women (but also in the social magnetism sense if yk what I mean), and develop skills that I am proud of.
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Joined: Fri Apr 15, 2022 4:47 am
Name: Trey
Goal: Get laid
Age: 20
Motto: I am a work in progress

Fri Apr 15, 2022 5:09 am

I TreyG commit to working on my goals and taking my life seriously

Hello, I'm a 20 year old college student who has lived a relatively safe quiet life so far. I was obese most of my life until I found a diet which worked for me and cut over 100lbs (285-185). Now that I can feel confident in myself I want to take the next step and be confident in talking to women. It's something I've struggled with because of the weight but now it's clear I have lots of work to do. My style is lacking so finding info on what to wear and how to properly layer clothing would be a priority. I have found confidence while in the gym but can not confidently put myself out there in social situations still.

I am hoping to take better pictures as I avoided mirrors or any sort of photos of myself for years. Overall I want to break out of my nice guy mold because it's all I have ever known.

Outside of my personal goals I am aspiring to become a personal trainer because of how I fell in love with dieting and fitness during my journey.
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Joined: Tue Apr 12, 2022 1:05 am
Name: Kyler
Goal: More confidence
Age: 22

Sat Apr 16, 2022 4:59 pm

Squilliam wrote:
Tue Apr 12, 2022 1:43 am
kylerbro44 wrote:
Tue Apr 12, 2022 1:22 am
-been engaged twice so don’t really got a lot of confidence considering one stole money and the other cheated
You've been engaged twice, damn man. Can't imagine having experienced that once at this age, let alone twice.

Welcome to the forums.
I appreciate the welcome, and yeah it’s kinda trash, but that’s what happens when I let myself get complacent and be like “eh consistent pussy? I’ll date you.” Then next thing you know I’ve been with them for almost a year then something stupid happens. That’s why I’m here tho, I refuse to be complacent again.
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Joined: Mon Apr 18, 2022 6:35 am
Goal: Get Laid
Age: 19

Mon Apr 18, 2022 6:39 am

I, WhateverItTakes aka Wit, commit to working on my goals and taking myself seriously.

About me

- 19 years old
- Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia
- 5’5 but around 5’8 in shoes
- 1 lay to date

I have recently brought a DSLR camera and my current goal is to go on some photoshoots and work on getting some good tinder photos.
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Joined: Mon Apr 18, 2022 9:02 pm
Name: Jonathan
Goal: Get Laid
Age: 18
Motto: Just do something.
Location: Quebec

Mon Apr 18, 2022 9:28 pm

I, Jonathan, commit to working on my goals and taking myself seriously.

18 from Quebec (Countryside + I speak french)

What's up, I'm Jonathan currently in college but thinking about dropping out to start a business. Oh and yeah I'm a fucking virgin

- Get laid. Of course.
-Get quality positive thinking friends
-Start no-fap
-Get jacked, let's start with a six-pack
-Build a successful entry-level business
-Make 1000$ per month
-Travel the world

I'll get higher goals once I've completed the ones above.

Atm I've rejected many girls simply because of my super-high standards, so right now one of the hardest thing to do for me is lower them
This forum looks dope, can't wait to improve myself with you guys.
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Joined: Tue Apr 19, 2022 3:25 am
Goal: Make Money & Live It Up
Age: 26
Motto: Killing my inner loser since 03/08/2021

Tue Apr 19, 2022 4:18 am

I, SpicyBoi, commit to working on my goals and taking myself seriously.

Hey guys. I'm Spicy, 26, and originally from the UK.

I am a traveller at heart and am currently backpacking around South America. Long time lurker of GLL/KYIL, although you may actually know me if you've listened to Andy's episode on Ayahuasca since I was the guest (Tripping Balls in the Jungle, on the 26th Sep last year).

I've been told I'm good looking but really felt I've underachieved with women and socially my whole life. I started a 365 Day Goal last August, and have been fucking crushing it since (goal was to fuck 30 new women, currently on 63 for the year with a few months left). Prior to the goal I slept with just 35 women in my whole life, so this has been a crazy good transformational period for me.

I've joined as I want to improve certain aspects of getting laid and retaining girls, and also to get some advice on how to work through some issues and anxieties I have. Happy to finally join the community and crush it with you guys!

Goals (Year 1: 3rd Aug 2021 - 3rd Aug 2022):

- Hit on One New Woman Everyday (must ask her out for drink or try to kiss her at a minimum)
- Have Sex with 30 new Women (so far 63/30)
- Bang a hot local from every country I visit (so far 6/7, will visit 12 this year in total)
- Write 100 Articles for my new Travel Blog (so far 82/100)
- Have a Threesome (not yet although very close one night)
Best Achievements so far (Since Aug 2021):

🔥 80 Lays in One Year
🔥 Completed my Latin America Bucket List


YEAR ONE: GET LAID AND TRAVEL GOALS (Complete) viewtopic.php?p=39991#p39991
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Joined: Sun Apr 24, 2022 3:11 pm
Goal: Lose fat
Age: 69

Sun Apr 24, 2022 3:50 pm

I, almost30, commit to working on my goals and taking myself seriously.

I have many goals and ambitions but I can't get over one, awful thing in my life - I don't think I've been loved once. I had dates with meh women but it felt like a compromise for me and them. I am almost 30 (as you might have guessed) and I know that I must fix this before I can think of changing the world or starting a family.

1 Become fit (then start going out and make a tinder profile)
2 Learn German (I'm at A1 level)
3 Practice good listening habits at work
4 Practice coding during the weekend (max 2 hrs per day so that I have time and energy to focus on fitness and learning German)

Small sidegoals
1 Checkout investing when I have over 10k in my bank (I want a simple, safe option)
2 Get a hair transplant (or buy lots of hats lol)
3 Do something about my wrinkles
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Joined: Mon Jun 01, 2020 4:07 pm
Name: Jorge88
Goal: Get Laid, Get Lean.
Age: 33
Motto: Within every adversity lies an equal or greater be
Location: Florida

Sun Apr 24, 2022 4:42 pm

I, Jorge, commit to working on my goals and taking myself seriously.

33 from Colombia. Currently in a small town in Central Florida, a short car ride away from major spots like Tampa, Daytona, St. Augustine and Orlando.

I have been lurking here for the longest time. I love this website, I love the mindset, and it is inspiring. I have gotten laid with cold approach.

To tell you the truth, I am terrified to be posting on here, even though I have been wanting to so badly.

I have done some approaches but I am holding myself back because of my situation. Best way to describe it: purgatory - family business/startup at ground zero but with potential to make millions someday.

- Get to 165-170 lbs, 10-12% bodyfat.
- Get laid often - no specific lay count at this moment.
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