BLAZINX needs your..... review

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Thu Apr 28, 2022 7:26 am

Hi guys.

So ive got a Sony A6400 and im learning to take shots every day. Figuring out the Aperture and Shutter speed shit as we go.

1st Ive snapped a few shots on the trusty S20 Ultraaaa im a guitar nerd a bit. So grabbed my acoustic. Tried a few shots and different edits.
I currently have the covid so these are shot indoors but ive tried to make the scene a bit better.

2nd ive taken a few shots out on a hike with a friend. Let me know if any appeal.

3rd social shots with a few lads. If any appeal.

Let me know if you can recommend any. I trust myself that they are all sexy but that is my opinion so it would be nice to get a bit more feedback on what can improve etc.

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Thu Apr 28, 2022 10:54 am

I really like guitar pics #1 and #2. Maybe there is a bit too much space above your head in the first one but otherwise those are really good.

From the second set, I think #3 and #6 are useable. #3 is a bit posed but it shows you go to the gym, youre facial expression is good and the backdrop shows that you actually leave your house. #6 I would crop (so you fill more of the frame) but it shows that you have hobbies.

From the third set, I love #4 but that's just because it looks fucking cool. Not sure it would really help in online dating though, since it's not obvious at a glance who is you.
Honestly, I don't know about the other pictures in that set.
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