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Name: Halligan
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Sun May 01, 2022 5:47 pm

I’m gonna post a couple of pics I wanna put up on the dating apps. Would appreciate honest feedback as far as if they are good. If they are not, advice or recommendations would be great. Thanks!
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Mon May 02, 2022 4:53 am

Hey man.

No.1 probably the only one id recommended. Your style can still be improved for it. Rather than a plain tee (unless youre fucking jacked as fuck) id go with a floral button up tee (check out father sons, connor)

If you can do a gym shot in lieu of a mudrun shot it would be a lot better for no.2

No.3 is ok. Just a headshot but its bland as fuck tbh.

If the chick youre with is a high quality girl then include it. I personally dont like just the setting, if you could use some photoeditting software to blur out the mid and backgrounds it would go alright

Last shot is basically a shit version of the first shot.

My holistic recommendations are
- get jacked more
- get a bit more fashion locked in
- get a shot with the bros, make sure you stand out
- get a shot a dog, have a look at Andys guide theres some good examples at the composition of that shots (apply this to everything)
- gym shot. Something in action. Bicep curls are good one or a lunge
- hobby shot. Shot at what you do interesting with yourself.

I think once youre jacked to the socks you'll pull pussy in no time
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