Tinder Profile/Body/Fashion Review - Nails painted black

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Sat Aug 06, 2022 3:32 pm


I'm following the tinder guide to improve my looks and tinder matches. I'm losing weight and hitting the gym at the same time (I follow StrongLift program). I lost 4kg in 1.5 months so far.

On top of Andy recommendations, I paint my nails black and get lots of compliments on it. I plan to do a tattoo and dye my hair red to give more edge to my style.

Here's my tinder photos. All of them are taken by phone (I know I should make new ones with DSLR!) and unedited.

I would appreciate your comments on how to improve my look and photos.
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Mon Aug 08, 2022 5:15 pm

Hey I'm not skilled on Tinder yet, but the one on the pool seems to me to be the best one.

Because you're doing something interesting, perceived masculine, and you look rather good on it.

The fifth is a zoom on your face while you have a weird expression, so I would say the worst one. Advice is let's forget selfie or face pics in general anyway.

The others in general I would say you have silly expressions, I wanna say it fuck up your "I take myself seriously" energy.

I recommand keeping the pool one and maybe also the first or the second. And shooting new ones with a DSLR where you'll display more of that correct energy.

That's for my opinion, I'm a newbie so if someone could confirm what I'm saying it would be beneficial.
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Tue Aug 09, 2022 12:24 am

I think those pics are pretty good honestly but a picture with friends or one with a girl will always improve a profile
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Tue Aug 09, 2022 1:55 am

1st pic: Not a great first pic because your eyes aren't clearly visible, also you have a great haircut but this pic fails to show it off

2nd: Hat and shirt are frankly ass, also your expression looks insecure

3rd: Overall very mediocre, not much to say. Not amazing, but nothing obviously wrong with it

4th: I actually fuck with this one, face is well displayed, rings are visible, lighting is good. Expression is a little weir but not bad imo

5th: Hat is weird, expression is frankly a disaster, like really bad

6th: Acceptable hobby shot, watch looks kinda weird, expression and outfit are average

7th: Extremely mediocre. Fit has little character or accessories.

Overall, your pics are very average, but as often repeated here, you need to be well above average. You have a good haircut, acceptable style, but badly need better pictures taken. Less weird expressions, clearer view of your face. Also, as a rule I would never wear a graphic tee, some people pull them off but you frankly are not.

You need to add a social pic to your profile, a lot of girls see that as a red flag. If you have to make a profile based on your current pics, I would run 4th, then 6th, then 3rd, but I would almost consider just running 4th then 6th.

As far as general style, I'm skeptical about red hair / black nails. Adding edge / personality is good, but my gut reaction is that this would lean too far towards "feminine" and take away from the dominant / masculine vibe that you wanna cultivate for the type of interactions Andy's guide sets you up for. However I also don't know what area / culture you are currently in, so that may be different. In general though, I would lean away from dying your hair or painting your nails. Tattoos are fucking great though.

Also, as a side note - please don't upload phone screenshots of your tinder profile, upload the pictures directly. Frankly this post just looks kinda lazy.
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