Screening for DTF-ness in a socially acceptable way

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Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:34 pm

Crisis_Overcomer wrote:
Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:15 pm
l0vebone wrote:
Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:06 pm
Just deleted Tinder. Fuck that app man. I downloaded it, and in 2 days I had about 10 "likes," (whatever that yellow crap is when someone swipes right on you) so I was like fuck it, I'll get gold. Got gold, some of the girls were hot, some not. Then I stopped getting matches completely, even after using a boost. So you mean to tell me that I just got 10 likes all of a sudden then girls just stopped liking me? Seems like bullshit, like their algorithm saw that I paid for gold and then cancelled the subscription so they started fucking with me.
What are the chances your pics sucked major, hairy balls?
Yeah, they're really awful. Still doesn't explain how I got 10 matches in 2 days, after that, 0 matches for the rest of the week. I'm thinking it's just their algorithm fucking with me.

Oh and to answer your question OP, what I would do is have a pretty "safe" bio if you're worried about work, and have safe text conversations as well, but asking them for a date within 5-10 messages. Then when you're on the date start touching asap, then kiss her at the end of the date. I'm in the same position as you man, just gotta be smart with it. Getting laid's not worth your job.
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Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:58 pm

When I first signed up, I got a lot of matches – now I get less.

This happens to absolutely everyone; it's a feature, not a bug. It's like "free crack" to get you hooked ;)

It works.
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Mon Jul 27, 2020 2:50 pm

JamalHash123 wrote:
Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:34 am
Thanks both for your comments.

My career isn't public-public (I'm not a celebrity), but I can easily be searched for on LinkedIn or on my company's website (my photos along with deals I've done with my team etc). I'm in finance which is, as you know, like 10% based on results and 90% based on politics/relationships so I really gotta guard my reputation with my life.

i've had wayyy too many instances of friends telling me "Hey you fucked my friend" or "Hey you tried to fuck my friend, I heard you asked her if she was a good little spoon?" LOL. And there's no way to tell who knows who on Tinder, y'know
I think you're probably way more worried about this than you should be.

My main tinder photo is my photo here, literally of me in my work uniform. I routinely see women on there with varying levels of risque photos, that are also professionals and/or work at large companies.

Just don't use the same pics on tinder as you do on LinkedIn, so nobody can photo search you.
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