Threesome - Joint Tinder account with girl?

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Hi all

One of the girls I am seeing is open to the idea of having a threesome. I suggested simply making her Tinder profile bisexual, but she feels more comfortable with the idea of us setting up a joint Tinder account and using that. I realise that Section 1.5 of Andy's Threesome guide (see: did not envisage this scenario. I also realise that Andy's (fantastic) guide caps at Section 2, and there is reference to Section 5 that makes me think it is not yet complete.

Given that: i) this would be my first ever threesome; and ii) the fact the girl is open to a threesome and comfortable enough to tell me that but also her concerns about using her own profile, I am in favour of creating a joint Tinder profile. However, I am open to hearing any problems this could throw up.

I therefore have these specific questions:

1. What do you include in the bio for a joint Tinder account?
2. What pictures should one use? e.g. mainly her? Please note that there is a significant attractiveness difference between me and her (she is more attractive).
3. What do you say in the event there is a match? And who should be saying it, me or the girl? Note that here is the template if I as a guy were seeking out a threesome -- Do I just adjust it so it refers to us both?

Hey, you’re sexy. I’m [your name]. I’m looking for something very specific on here.

[Respond to whatever she says]. A girl I’ve been seeing really wants to have fun and fool around with another girl together. Ever tried, or it is something you’d like to explore?

[Respond to whatever she says]. What do you like to do for fun?

[Respond to whatever she says]. I’m into [hobbies you’re into]. What part of [your city] are you from? I live in [area you live in], she lives in [your girl’s area]. (Her name is [your girl’s name].)

[Respond to whatever she says]. You seem cool, we should all grab a drink together and make sure we click. What’s your number? I’ll send you some photos of her too.

4. Does it make sense to pay for Tinder Gold and boosts for a joint account? (No aversion to this in principle, but realise the girl I am seeing already gets over 100 likes from guys on her own account without all this, so this might be perceived as needy and damage our existing thing going on?)

Appreciate the above may sound rather clinical, but incredibly grateful to receive advice (in particular from Andy!).

Many thanks
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