What do you actually DO on dates?

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Sat Apr 10, 2021 1:12 am

I've reached the end of my rope here. I need some one to just tell me EXACTLY what to say and how to act.

These girls arent going on second dates with me. The last one I went out with I just asked point blank if she wanted to see me again. She said no. The previous night I had gotten a girl's number at the bar, she seemed super into me that night but then she said she didnt want to go out with me for a drink (she was with family the night I met her). The night before that I was out on a date. Again, girl was super into me. We only talked for a little bit. We ended up in her car, I tied her up with what I could find cause she said she was into BDSM but no one would do it with her even though she has all the stuff. I was making out with her and everything seemed great. Couldnt take her home cause I live like 40 mins from her and it was really late. Tried to go to her's but she said no. I told her to show me her BDSM stuff next time and we would try it, she seemed excited about it. Texted her a few days later - nothing, no response.

Back to the girl that I asked if she wanted to see me again. She was VERY into me, to the point where she initiated the first kiss while we still in the bar. I've never had a girl be that aggressive so far and I was super turned on I was rock hard (which is relief cause i was seriously thinking i had a problem getting it up but every girl i met that weekend was really turning me on for some reason). this is probaly where i fucked up , i was actually really enjoying the conversation we were having so my dumb ass kept talking to her. the whole night we were talking/making out/talking. at some point i started getting more aggressive kissing her neck, pulling her hair but she said we were going too fast. we weren't in the bar too too long, maybe 2 hours. walked her to her car made out more started grabbing her ass and such. she was moaning and shit so she was definitely into it, but after a while she pulled away. i asked why she said no to seeing me again. she said its because she thinks im relationship material. she also said she thought i was too hot for her. she explained to me that even though she does sleep with guys from tinder she didnt want to with me because she was afraid to catch feelings.

so basically i had girl here that wanted to fuck me and was expecting to get fucked, but i somehow managed to even mess that up. the shitty part is that girl actually lived in my city so i could have brought her home. im apprehensive about it though cause i live with my brother and it is house so it just feels wrong at a deep level to ask him to just leave out of nowhere. obviously I need to get my own place but until I do that i need some solution.

girls find me attractive and cool etc want me to fuck them but i just need to clear that last hurdle. i feel like im not being sexual enough. i feel like these girls are being disappointed because they are expecting me to be something but I'm not delivering. what should i do?
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Sat Apr 10, 2021 1:50 am

You're over thinking it, dont ask a girl why she doesnt wanna see you again because you will never know if its bullshit or not.

But one thing the girl said I really do think is your sticking point: you are doing too much at the bar, and too little at your/her place. I don't make out with chicks until I'm at their place.

Simply ask her if she wants to go back for a drink/movie at your place. Dont tell her you live far away lol.

I noticed you said you're a virgin in your other threads, so currently you're enjoying this touching/making out stuff too much, that you are doing it too much and its turning the girl off. Show her a little bit then ask her to "get food" or "get out of here" with you. If she doesn't, then you know your answer.

That girl who said you're boyfriend material, that was probably just an excuse. Cause if you're boyfriend material... then why not be your boyfriend? Like I said, dont over think it fam

As for the girls who initially like you, then dont respond: thats sexual availability. A girl approached me the other night, and asked for my info, then the next day deleted my shit. Girls are fucked.

Lets go out tonight OP its been a minute.

also im sure andys coaching would be solid
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Name: RJ
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Sat Apr 10, 2021 2:18 am

But to answe the question, this is what i do:

meet up at park, take 2 walks around it. total time = 30 min
mainly get her to talk about herself. try to talk as little as possible myself and just ask questions. Maybe tell a story about myself.

Somewhere towards the end ask her if I can go to her place (live w parents)

thats pretty much all you can do. i dont know what else there is, and if there is some magic formula to get laid or not. The girl decides herself. When I AM back at her place though, its pretty much a sure sign that she is at least down to fool around. If she says no, then you will probably never see her again lol

this way you spend 0 money (boyfriend) and you screen her. anything else (coffe, dinner especially) is a waste of time. the last girl i was with was telling me about her last date and it was a guy who asked her out to dinner... lol
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Tue Apr 20, 2021 8:46 pm

My mindset when going on on a date is that the girls is already into me. So the goal is to make her feel comfortable and build rapport. This is especially important when going on tinder dates. She is meeting a stranger that could possibly be a threat. Here is what I usually do:
Step 1. Meet her in a public space so she feels safe.
Step 2. Head out to the nearest park and walk around while you guys talk. Parks are a low pressure environment, also you automatically have things to talk about. Everyone likes dogs and nature. Walk around for around 20 mins this should be enough time to see if you guys click. Be calm don not try to impress her, she already likes you that is why she is on a date with you. Just have a calm conversation.
Step 3. Find a nice private bench and sit down. Continue talking until you gauge that she is into you. Some signs include: being present in the conversation, keeping eye contact, smiling, touching you... After you get a couple of these start escalating. Break the touch barrier and see how she reacts. If its negative repeat the same process like before and try again. If you get a positive reaction keep escalating. You have to initiate the first kiss do not wait for her to do it. From there on you do not need to talk, have fun with foreplay.
Step 4. After you get tired of foreplay find an excuse to take her home. Some examples:its cold, its going to rain, coffee, tea, cocktails.
I hope this helps.
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Wed Apr 21, 2021 6:17 pm

I'm honestly not sure I am reading anything that you are doing wrong really. You tried to fuck these girls and it just didn't work out for random reasons.

By the way this always happens, to everyone, even to guys who are really good at it.

I would just keep trying and you'll get there eventually. Just keep going on dates and being aggressive. Maybe there is stuff you could have done better or whatever but you'll definitely learn that anyways if you just keep trying.

Eventually some girl will definitely go on a second date with you.
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