How to Take Nude Pics with Girls

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So, you’ve had some bedroom rendezvous with a girl, and you’d like some saucy pics or videos to remind yourself of the wild romp you two are sharing. Guys overthink it and over complicate it, asking “How do I get a girl to let me take nudes?”

It’s not something you need to “make her do” – you just have to use your words like an adult and ask. She’ll either be up for it or she won’t. My buddy just straight up says “Yo, you’re super hot – lemme take a pic real quick. Cover your face if you want.”

I do similar – I tend to be a very complimentary person – I give a lot of compliments to people in my life. So it’s very easy for me to say during sex, “You’re so insanely sexy, you’re turning me on like crazy. Seriously, wait right here.” I’ll go grab my phone, come back & say, “You’re so sexy I HAVE to take a photo of your incredible body.”

A lot of girls are very keen to show off for you, especially when they can see how much their body turns you on. It’s a huge compliment and ego boost for a lot of them. Some of the more cheeky girls will even say, “Sure I’ll pose for you, so you can jerk off to me later 😉 😉 😉

If you plan on showing/sending it to any of your mates or uploading it on a forum or something, make sure she’s cool with that too. Just throw out a casual, “Yo, mind if I show your body off to my mates?” Again, if you ask, most girls are fine with it.

Generally speaking, most girls don’t mind you sharing their photos as long you block out their face completely and any other identifiable information so nobody can tell it’s them. That way it just looks like a nude photo of some random person, rather than her. I always show the photo to them before I upload it to make sure they definitely approve.

Sometimes a girl will be a little shy (but still clearly keen), so I’ll say, “No I’m serious, I’m taking a photo, you are way too hot – I have to remember this moment. You cool with it?” If she’s still clearly into the idea but a little nervous, I’ll ask, “Ok, what if we put the blindfold on you so your face is covered?”

If she’s cool with it, then I’ll take the picture. If she’s still a little unsure or hesitant, I don’t take the pic – don’t push someone to do something they don’t seem all that keen to do. Especially when it comes to them being in a vulnerable position, naked in your bed. This stuff is way more fun if she’s really into it – it’s not fun feeling like you’re pressuring someone into doing something.

Sometimes girls will want to take a pic with you, but not a nude one of their body. In that case, get under the blankets with her so you’re both covered, and tell her you want to take a cute selfie of the two of you. Your bodies will be covered up but it’ll be obvious you’re both naked in bed, which is proof enough. Most girls are pretty cool with this – it’s just a selfie. (Again, if she asks you not to, respect her wishes and don’t take any photos.)

Sometimes when you break up with a girl, she might ask you to delete all the photos you have of her. Obviously do so. I’ve only ever had 2 girls ask me to delete all their photos. It actually made me feel a little sad – these were 2 girls I’d dated for about a year each, and hitting that Delete button was painful; deleting all the memories I had of them felt like I was erasing them from my life. Somewhat like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

If you’re deleting all her photos, make sure you also check your Google Drive/Apple iCloud/Dropbox/etc as well. Often your phone/computer automatically backs up all your photos to the cloud, so make sure you erase those copies as well.

The goal of my site is to help you get laid whilst respecting the people you sleep with, and not make them feel used. Nobody likes feeling used – it feels pretty fucking shit (speaking from experience). Treat chicks like people, not throwaway notches/trophies.

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How to Take Nude Pics with Girls

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