How to get a maxed out Dick?

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Thu May 27, 2021 7:26 am

let's pool together our knowledge and resources to come up with the ultimate guide for penis enhancement and sexual performance. there are tons and tons of articles on this but they're scattered all over the internet and i want to have a one stop shop for all the best info on this stuff. so basically put together something like the getting laid on tinder guide. ideally a total beginner would be able to come to this resource and walk away with actionable steps to take immediately as well as a long term plan for making steady gains. if something like this already exists please feel free to share it, maybe we can get it stickied so everyone can check it out.

theres this ... nhancement
looks promising but thats a lot of shit to read through and i want to have it all in one place

im just a beginner in this area myself so i dont have much to share, but i'll pass on the little bit of knowledge i have gathered and we can build from there.

this is the first and probably most obvious thing to consider if you're trying to max out your sexual performance. go get this tested and see where you're at. if you're low you're gonna have a whole host of problems beyond just sexual function so this should be addressed ASAP. apparently a lot of guys have their T levels suppressed below what they would otherwise normally be, so there should be a lot of simple changes you can make in diet/sleep/lifestyle to boost your test naturally if you're low. i haven't found a resource giving a detailed outline of what steps you need to take to fix suppressed testosterone levels so feel free to share whatever you have. make the necessary changes, get tested again and if you're still low you may need to talk to a doctor about testosterone replacement therapy

here's a link to a blood test you can get for just measuring free and total testosterone ... ibt-lc-ms/

and here's a more comprehensive test ... lth-panel/

info on naturally increasing testosterone

apparently it actually is possible to get lasting increases in size through the use of certain excersizes and devices. over the course of months you can gain up to 1-1.5 inches!(?) im pretty sure everyone on this site knows about the bath mate by now. I thought it was just for making your dick bigger right before sex but apparently you can get long term gains. Good Looking Loser has a whole guide for this. there's also a device called a penis extender that can be used to increase size, apparently you just put it on your dick for about 8 hours a day and thats it. theres the phallosan forte which has a clinical study and is FDA approved! its also hella expensive! two exerecizes that dont require any tools are jelqing and stretching. from what i understand you can make real gains using any one of these methods but combining them all together will give you the fastest results

GLL's bathmate program ... rs-routine

penis extender

if you're not getting rock hard it could very well be psychological so you need to get comfortable with sex and the idea of sex first and foremost. it might not be just psychological though so get your cholesterol levels checked to see if you might be having blood flow problems. you can get a lipid panel blood test done at CVS. you can also take L-Arginine or L-Citruline to boost your nitric oxide levels which increases blood flow. taking pycnogenol daily is supposed to help as well. cock rings are supposed to give you harder erections but i haven't seen anything claiming that they will give you harder erections long term if you're not using one. the quickest and easiest way to get harder is to take viagra/cialis. andy has a great guide on this. i was easily able to get prescribed generic viagra using bluechew but there's tons of places to get it without ever having to go to a doctor's office.

andy's guide to ED ... lis-viagra

a quick solution if you cum fast is to just pull out and start eating pussy/change position/suck her tits or whatever when you feel yourself getting close to cumming. edging exercises are supposed to help too and there's also "delay cream". its a cream you put on your dick that numbs the sensation and allows you to last longer

GLL guide to edging ... -to-edging

bathmate delay cream ... te-control

i don't have anything to say about this yet because my loads are already pretty big tbh and i was never particularly interested in this but having the biggest load possible does fit right in with the goal of getting a maxed out dick so if you have info on this please share. i know derek from More Plate More Dates/Gorilla Mind is working on a supplement specifically for getting bigger loads so i'll link to that when its available
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Thu May 27, 2021 8:30 am

Goodlookingloser has everything you need for penis enlargement. It has beginner, intermediate, and advanced routines for just manual exercises, and routines which incorporate or mainly focus on using extenders and pumps. For 1-1.5 inches expect to put in at least a year of daily consistent effort. I am currently in the early stages of starting up penis enlargement via jelquing, manual stretching and the extender Sizegenetics.
There is also the forums Mattersofsize and PEGym which probably have all the questions and answers you could imaging about penis enlargement.

You linked to the GLL guide to edging. He also has a guide and routine for kegels which I am currently doing. Chris says it is the key to huge cum loads. Also good for erection quality, blood flow, etc. He also said that if you strengthen the pelvic floor via kegels that you can squeeze it before you are about to cum and it will prevent you from cumming so you can last a lot longer.

There is also reverse kegels, which are supposed to help you last longer. You can read up on them here: ... egels.html
On reverse kegel breathing: ... post566326

Dry orgasm guide: ... guide.html
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Thu May 27, 2021 8:36 am

Foreskin restoration is also possible, there is a subreddit with a ton of information on it dedicated to it, and there is this site and others: ... HotDhZ3ha8
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Thu May 27, 2021 8:39 am

I've been experimenting with a "dick cocktail" for when girls come over. Tastes disgusting but works really well. It's two drinks.

First drink, a few hours before a girl comes over:
- Orange juice
- Tongkat ali
- Maca powder
- L-arginine
- Citrulline malate (tiny bit)

Second drink, 30min to 1h before she comes over:
- Beetroot juice
- Citrulline malate
- Wash down some kratom with it

The kratom is a double-edged sword as it makes me last a very long time, but I can also overdo it and not get hard at all or not cum.

The beetroot juice+citrulline definitely gives an insane pump in the gym but I'm not sure it really translates to my dick. The arginine and tongkat ali do most of the heavy lifting in that regard.
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Thu May 27, 2021 12:14 pm

Bathmate user here. Started using it ~3 months ago. I am roughly at about 5 inches? Will report if I got any gains with daily 5 mins 3 set pumps.
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Thu May 27, 2021 1:04 pm

Stumbled across one in highschool out of boredom called Thunders Place. Some random guide there helped me last real good when I followed it. Enlargement has always peaked my interest but I dont have the commitment to get permagains

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Fri Jul 09, 2021 7:38 am

Food for thought. I have to measure my cock, I don't even know how big it is. But I think it would use a lot of work, lol.

Will look into this.

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