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(Cold Approach) When You’re in a Rush or Nervous

NOV 24, 2020 AT 4:00 AM

So, you see a cutie during the daytime and want to hit on her, but you’re nervous as fuck – or you’re in a rush and literally don’t have time. What do?

Well, do what I’ve always done and do a Turbo Approach™! Hit on her like normal, then immediately jump to asking for her number. What does that look like?

You: “Hey, I know this is a bit random but you’re super cute and I wanted to say hi. I’m Andy.”

*Shake her hand*

You: “Hey I’m in a bit of a rush, but let me grab your number and we’ll grab a drink sometime.”  *Get her number*.

This is brilliant for when you’re in a rush and really don’t have time to have a full-on conversation, but it also works wonders when you’re inexperienced and nervous. A tonne of guys stress themselves about what to say to a girl during an approach, how to keep the small-talk going, etc; this eliminates all of that. It’s less pressure on you to be a great conversationalist, and you’ll still get a few numbers from it (I’ve used it probably ~200 times myself when I’ve been nervous/in a rush).

Go try it, and lemme know how you go.


Can you be enthusiastic with girls, or should you be aloof?

FEB 6, 2021 AT 9:34 PM

Someone in my coaching program asked me this question:

“I feel I have to hold back enthusiasm to seem “cool” but obviously this isn’t the case – Craig Ferguson attracts ALL the girls and he’s suuuuuper enthusiastic all the time. How can I get rid of this stupid idea I have to be aloof?”

Awesome question – here’s my response.

I’m a little “beta faggot” when it comes to girls – I’m super enthusiastic, I give a billion compliments, I literally say “I really like you” and “I really want to keep seeing you again”. I do all the things The Red Pill tells you not to do.

Some girls won’t like you not being “cool” or “aloof”. You WILL screen out some girls if you stop being cool/aloof. Awesome, screen those girls out. This is all a numbers game – there’s a billion girls who’ll love you being enthusiastic and open and honest and “beta”.

Here’s the key point: I get laid just as much now (well, more) than when I was red pill and “alpha” and “mysterious”. I’m just banging different girls (more open and honest girls who don’t like games). The lay number is the same.

Here’s the thing – being aloof is one strategy. Being very open and enthusiastic is another strategy. Both work; it’s just a matter of what YOU like to do. I personally don’t like being aloof (it’s a tonne of work) – much easier to be my normal, down to Earth self without having to worry about being “alpha”.

Life’s much easier when you drop the bullshit, stop playing games, and just be authentic.


3 Ways To Build Massive Confidence (Dan Henry’s Advice)

APR 3, 2021 AT 8:59 PM

Was watching this video tonight and thought I’d share it here – super relevant to all of us:

This guy gives money-making advice, but this video applies to all of you no matter what goals you’re working on (girls, money, overcoming depression, fitness, etc). His tips are basically a rewording of my concepts, “Give Yourself Permission to Suck” and “You can’t just BE confident, you have to EARN confidence through experience”.

He’s got a tonne of useful videos on his channel, particularly for any of you looking to make money (or just achieve your goals in general).

Now go out there and kick some ass,


Challenge: Get a Girl to Not Wear Panties

DEC 2, 2020 AT 9:23 AM

A fun little challenge for you…

CHEAT CODE for Meditating

APR 29, 2021 AT 9:00 PM

Haven’t shared this before in a podcast, so I’ll share it here on my Patreon. If you’re looking for a quick way to meditate, just watch this video and focus on the train tracks:

It’s amazing when you just focus on the train tracks, and let everything else fall away. You start meditating, and it’s like all the rest of the world just passes you by, and none of your problems matter any more.

I’ve used this video probably 50 times in the past (ESPECIALLY during the Approach Anxiety Program when I was learning how to talk to girls) and it absolutely got me through my most anxious/stressed moments.

I also love the music – it’s by an artist Ulrich Schnauss who has some incredibly relaxing music.

If you get something out of it, lemme know.


Remember to have fun. This is all just a game.

MAR 20, 2021 AT 8:09 PM

I’ve been pretty stressed lately, and taking my website, my coaching, and my finances way too seriously. I went out for a walk with Imogen tonight and saw these big balls in a park.

I can’t say why, but something about them was magical, and captured my attention for long enough that I forgot about some of my stresses. I was just purely in the moment, and it was… Nice. 

We often get so caught up in our goals and self-improvement that we forget to have fun along the way. I see so many guys who are working their asses off to try and get laid,  they become so wrapped up in it they start taking it way too seriously. They forget to enjoy themselves. They go on a date with a girl and get so caught up in what to say, when to kiss her, how to be honest, when to kiss her, when to invite her back, when to make a move – so caught up in anxiety and overthinking – that they forget the whole reason they’re on the date in the first place was because *dating girls and having sex is fun*. 

Don’t get me wrong: I’m a huge proponent of going all-in and taking all this stuff seriously. Just don’t forget to have a little fun along the way. Something like 97% serious, and 3% a little more laid back. You can still achieve greatness while enjoying the journey. Sometimes I forget that myself.

Tonight helped me remember.

The ol’ pegs-on-the-nipple trick…

FEB 27, 2021 AT 7:00 PM

Alright you kinksters, want to know my go-to sex tip that costs you literally nothing?

Grab a couple of clothes-pegs, and put them on a girl’s nipples when you’re teasing her, during foreplay. She’ll be moaning like crazy, getting off on the way it feels – and it’ll look hot as hell.

When you take them off, her nipples will be crazy-sensitive (most girls loudly moan when you remove the pegs). Gently lick her nipples or rub them (softly!) and she’ll be putty in your hands.

If you want to be extra-awesome, leave them on the entire time you have sex with her – she’ll love you for it.

Until next time, sex-nerds.


Challenge: Take a Girl to a Sex Toy Shop

MAR 13, 2021 AT 9:59 AM

Challenge: Buttplug During Sex

JAN 23, 2021 AT 4:00 PM

Buttplugs I recommend: Booty Boot Camp Training Kit

Challenge: “You’re Sexy”

DEC 14, 2020 AT 4:00 PM

Making Friends is a Number’s Game

DEC 1, 2020 AT 6:00 PM

Edge Your Girl

FEB 6, 2021 AT 4:00 PM

Vibrator I recommend (Doxy Magic Wand): https://killyourinnerloser.com/magic-wand/ 

Challenge: Beat Her Orgasm Record

JAN 9, 2021 AT 3:59 PM

Cautionary tale: when I procrastinated getting laid and wasted 5 months…

JAN 2, 2021 AT 11:00 AM

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