We (well, mostly my girlfriend) answered a bunch of your questions about what it’s like dating me.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Topics Covered:

  • These are questions people have asked me to ask Imogen. And some of them are my own questions I’ve thrown in there too.
  • What’s your favourite thing in the bedroom?
  • How’d you get into BDSM?
  • What does it feel like being submissive/being dominated?
  • What does it feel like for Andy, being dominant? What does the power feel like?
  • What was our first 3some like?
  • The story of being ok with me posting our stuff on the internet for people to see, how you overcame shyness.
  • Conversations we had about it, me making sure you were ok with it, taking your feelings into consideration.
  • Is it weird dating a guy who puts his stuff out there on the net?
  • When did I first tell you about my website, and what was your reaction?
  • Others have asked: What do you (Imogen) think of my forums and guys coming together to improve themselves, have sex, find girlfriends, etc?
  • What type of girls do we both prefer?
  • Different types of BDSM dynamics?
  • Confident girls – do we/does she like them?
  • Telling her mother we’re in an open relationship where we see other girls?
  • What’s our plan for the future – what are our goals?
  • Being a power couple?
  • Will we ever invite the girls we date to come on the podcast?


Pink Toy (Imogen’s favourite vibrator):
https://shrsl.com/2gqk9 (That’s an affiliate link).

Previous podcast talking about porn and abusive sex:

Story of Our First 3some:

Got your own questions you’d like to ask a girl, or questions for Imogen specifically?

Ask away – drop a comment below or email me and we’ll answer on the podcast.

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