Looking to upgrade your life to the next level? Need some advice from somebody who’s been in your shoes and overcome the same shit you’re going through – someone who has verifiable proof he gets laid a tonne and is in a happy open relationship? I’m available for counseling & coaching – either online or in the real world – on any subject of your choosing.

In case you can’t tell, I actually give a fuck about you – I want you to succeed. That’s the entire reason I set up my site. If you’re serious about your goals and improving your life/overcoming depression/whatever else, hit me up and we’ll kick some fucking ass together.

Whether you’re a virgin wanting to finally lose it, a 35-yo guy who feels “stuck” in life, a dude who’s chronically depressed, a guy with tonnes of weight to lose or someone wanting to start his own business, hit me up and I’ll help. Investing in coaching means you’ll be motivated to take your self-improvement seriously – you’re essentially giving yourself permission to finally go after what you want and achieve your goals. If you’re serious about this, I’m serious about kicking your ass into gear, starting right now.

Dude I approached the first girl I saw! Holy shit I’m shaking with joy… Holy shit I’m orgasmically happy. Can’t stop shaking. Not sure what spell you waved at me but it’s amazing.

After all, if a complete loser like me can do it (here’s my full transformation story), you sure as hell can too.

Send me a message here.

SPECIAL OFFER: Access to Me as your Mentor on Patreon

Join one of the mid or high tiers on my Patreon and you’ll have access to me as your personal mentor – ask me any questions you want and I’ll give you advice. At the higher tiers, you also get 1 free Zoom call with me a month; either to ask for advice & get a plan to dominate your goals, or just a casual chat for an hour to shoot the shit and chill. This is killer value.

Andy gave me all the steps I needed, then pushed me through the ones I hadn’t been able to take on my own. Success was immediate. My 3rd ever cold approach became my 1st cold approach lay, and then I banged the 7th girl I hit on as well. And this within a week of my first in person coaching session.

Private Zoom/Skype & Email Counselling/Coaching

I’m available for counseling and coaching/general advice on any topic you see on this site, either via email, Zoom calls or in-person (in-person is in Brisbane, Australia).

I will absolutely fucking improve your life and give you a path forward. I’m not here to fuck around – only contact me if you’re also 100% serious. I’ll get your online dating profile to actually WORK for you, get 1 on 1 coaching, ANY questions answered about your dating and sex life, get kickass pics taken for use on social media, elevate yourself from a fucking LOSER with dogshit pics to a WINNER who LOOKS GOOD and GETS LAID.

I put a tonne of effort into my calls – I’ll get you to send me a full list of questions and topics you want to cover, and then I’ll take my time really thinking about your situation and I’ll write a long list of notes I’ll bring to the call. My clients will tell you I’m generous with my time – most of my calls go over time because I’d rather cover everything rather than say, “Sorry, time’s up, fucker!” like most psychologists/counsellors do.

I’ve worked with guys who were depressed, completely stuck, feeling hopeless and unsure where to even begin fixing themselves. I promise you no matter how shit things are, it’s fixable – as long as you just never quit. Success is inevitable, if you’re willing to just hang in there & keep on going.

  • Overcoming depression/mental struggles & becoming an optimist. I did it, so you sure as hell can too.
  • Goal-setting, getting yourself on track, building habits you can keep up consistently (even if you’re not someone with a lot of discipline).
  • Tinder/Hinge/Bumble/etc – setting them up, going on dates, getting laid.
  • Retention – how to keep girls seeing you for months or years.
  • Losing your virginity – I’ve helped a few guys lose theirs now. It’s very doable, even if you have no idea where to start.
  • Fitness and health – going to the gym, weight-lifting, getting strong.
  • Losing fat – I lost 35kg, so you can lose weight too.
  • BDSM – how to get started, how to add a little more spice to the bedroom.
  • Honesty & ethics in relationships/casual dating – how to be honest with girls even when you’re terrified of vulnerability, how to encourage girls to open up to you, how to mentor girls and help them grow into awesome people.
  • 3somes – how to have your first one, how to get girls you’re dating to bring more girls to you to share.
  • Making friends – even when you have absolutely none.
  • Overcoming approach anxiety so you can talk to girls during the day/night.
  • Fashion, grooming, style.
  • Anything else you need to talk about.

I’d argue [Andy] helped even more than the psychologists I’ve been to. He’s been to ground 0, they haven’t.

Message me here if you’re serious & let’s kill your inner loser too.

“Had one of the best conversations of my life with Andy.
I highly recommend getting a coaching call with Killyourinnerloser. It gets your head right.
And there’s nothing like having an outside perspective – especially from someone not in close proximity to you – taking a close look at what your struggles/concerns are.”

Here’s What My Coaching Calls Look Like

Here’s a recent coaching call I had (posted with permission):

Straight after the call, he had this to say:

Just a quick heads up – I have 6 BDSM dates with 100% lay guarantee in the next 3 days. You are my god and I only could do this by reading all your stuff 10 times. Girls are now offering me their phone number on Tinder after 5 messages. Holy shit. Thank you thank you thank you.

Tinder Reviews & Overhaul

Show me your Tinder profile, your photos, your bio and your conversations, and I’ll kick your ass into gear.

I pour my heart and soul into doing these – I go nuts and it usually takes me about 4-5 hours worth of work. I’ll cover absolutely every aspect of your photos, bio, your vibe, your style, your conversations with girls and your looks. I’ll tell you how to take things to the next level, I’ll ask about your goals and give you a solid plan to achieve them. I’ll get you out on dates and having sex. If you’re struggling with retention and keeping girls around – I will help with that.

I’ll photoshop all your pics and have them looking fucking awesome.

If you’re more advanced, I’ll push you to do some of the crazier stuff I’ve done (3somes, sex with strippers, sex in public, BDSM/kinky sex, banging 5 girls in 4 days, etc).

If a relationship is more your thing – particularly one built on honesty – I’ve got you covered there too.

Basically, this is like the deluxe package – I’ll cover everything. Every person who’s paid me for this says, “Holy shit, you put a million times more effort into this than I expected.”

Message me here if you’re serious & let’s kill your inner loser too.

I started coaching with Andy about 5 months ago. In that time, I’ve:
had six new lays
—-> more than doubled my total number of lays
—-> includes my first cold approach lay
—-> includes my first BDSM girl

massively improved my photos for Tinder/Bumble
—-> Andy looked thru 1000s of photos to find my top 10
—-> and then he worked photoshop magic on them,

majorly improved my style,
helped me fix my sleep schedule,
major improvement on ED issues,
and I’d bet a host of other things I haven’t thought of.

And I’m still on my way up!


If you live in Brisbane, Australia – or can travel – I’ll take you out for one-on-one coaching on any subject of your choosing.

  • Cold approaching girls: With 150+ total lays from online+cold approach under my belt, you’ll be learning from someone who knows what the fuck he’s doing (here’s my proof). I’ll take you out, show you how it’s done, and help you talk to girls. Even if you’ve never hit on a single girl in your life, I’ll get you at least one girl’s number (providing you’re willing to give it a real go – even if you’re nervous). You’ll quickly find it’s not anywhere near as terrifying as it seems – and is actually a hell of a lot of fun (most girls are pretty damn nice).
  • Counseling/general advice: Feel like you need someone to talk to who’s been in your situation and knows the struggles of trying to get laid and general self-improvement? Hit me up and we’ll organise a meetup to sit down and work through everything that’s been on your mind, and come up with an action plan you can start right away.

Message me here if you’re serious & let’s kill your inner loser too.

I did a few coaching calls with Andy and can tell you, he genuinely gives a shit. I’ve run into a ton of charlatans and people who just talk the talk… seems like everyone is a lifestyle or pickup coach nowadays… but it’s obvious Andy is different from them.

Photo Editing

I’ll work my magic on your photos, removing pimples/blemishes/acne scars, brightening the photo, blurring & de-cluttering the background, adding filters, making you look like a sexy buff beast. More details on my Photo Editing page. Examples:

Message me here if you’re serious & let’s kill your inner loser too.

Before I met Andy, I was clueless with socializing with people. I didn’t know where to begin and Andy helped break it down into manageable steps. I started to realize it’s not as complicated as people give it credit for.


I’m a professional photographer by trade. Come to Brisbane, Australia and we’ll go out and shoot a variety of photos for your Tinder/online dating profile – I’ll handle everything from the location, what you should wear, photo retouching/editing, etc. We’ll negotiate pricing depending on the job – I’ll make sure you’ll walk away with an awesome set of photos.

I’ll even bring a bunch of accessories (necklaces, watches, rings etc) you can use, if you don’t have much of your own bling.

I’ll also get you to send me all the photos you have on your computer/phone – I’ll go through and see if you have any worth using, and I’ll Photoshop them for you for free. I absolutely guarantee a final product you’ll be happy with.

During the photoshoot you’ll also have access to me obviously, so you can pick my brain about any topic you like – it’s a free coaching session.

Some of my professional work:

$1000 AUD (not USD) for the whole shoot + editing all your photos + free coaching while we’re out on the shoot.
I absolutely guarantee a final product you’ll be really fucking happy with.

Message me here if you’re serious & let’s kill your inner loser too.

Had an amazing 1-hour call with Andy.

I was a bit nervous beforehand, as I had built up this “larger-than-life” image of Andy due to his achievements. Andy was extremely approachable – I felt like I was talking to a good friend of mine.

What makes Andy’s coaching so valuable is that he knows what the fuck he’s doing – he’s “been in the trenches” himself to get to where he is today and he has helped plenty of clients tackle the same challenges you’re facing now. That’s why he’ll be able to not only quickly identify the root cause of your problems, but also provide you with relevant, actionable advice and a manageable, structured plan on how to go about accomplishing your goals.

If you’re currently feeling a bit overwhelmed or stuck, Andy will help you cut through all the bullshit and provide you with a fresh perspective.

However, let’s be clear on one thing: You have to be willing to help yourself. Andy can lay out the steps you need to take to reach your goals. But. It is up to YOU to execute on the steps.

Managing Your Tinder + VIP Mentorship (1 Month)

I’ll set up and run every online dating platform for you, for 1 month. Tinder Gold + 4 boosts are inluded in the price so you won’t have any surprise fees.

I’ll be your personal mentor for an entire month, giving you self-improvement advice, telling you what pics to go out and shoot to take your Tinder to the next level, working on your mental hurdles, counselling you and helping you crush your goals and kick some ass.

I’ll set up a Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Happn, OkCupid, POF, TanTan, Badoo, Paktor and a CoffeeMeetsBagel account for you – plus any other apps that are popular in your country.

I’ll also edit all your photos and photoshop them, adding filters, blurring backgrounds, etc.

You’ll have someone who knows what he’s doing (proof here) take over your Tinder/other app profiles and save you the hassle of swiping, messaging, etc. Full details:

  • No more dealing with rejection or having girls waste your time; I know what I’m doing and I’m efficient as hell.
  • You tell me your goals (to get laid x amount of times, or to get a girlfriend, or to lose your virginity, or something else) and I’ll make it happen.
  • I’ll handle all the swiping, messaging, etc throughout the week.
  • I’ll use Boosts at the best time of night for you (usually Friday/Saturday nights between 10pm-2am your local time).
  • I’ll handle all the messaging, and send you every number I get from girls, as well as screenshots of the conversation and her pics.
  • I’ll give you a hand setting up dates – I’ll tell you what to text to her, I’ll give you suggestions for date locations if you need it, and I’ll help you with making a move, inviting her back to your place, having sex, and anything else you need.
  • I’ll be your mentor for the month, giving you weekly advice on which pictures you should improve, how to shoot new ones, what to do on your dates, how to improve your skills in the bedroom, etc.
  • I’ll also give you any self-improvement advice that’s relevant – tips on losing fat if you need to, gym advice, fashion advice, help with confidence/insecurities/mental hurdles, etc.
  • Once the month is up, you’ll keep the accounts I’ve set up, and I’ll give you tips on how you can keep getting laid yourself, without my help (though I’ll happily do another month for you if you want that).
  • I also offer this service to international visitors in any country – I use a “location spoofer” so no matter which country you’re in, I can manage your online dating.

Hey man, just wanted to give my gratitude once again for the chat and for your perspective. I knew it was the right decision when I looked at the clock and we had gone overtime by 20 minutes and that made little difference to you. That speaks volumes.

You really helped me out man, and for that I owe big thanks. 

Message me here if you’re serious & let’s kill your inner loser.

There’s no obligation to do more than 1 session – it’s completely cool if you just want to chat with me/ email me 1 time, ask a few questions, get some direction and advice, then go off on your own and apply it. All I care about is that you kick some ass; whether that’s with me, or on your own.

If you’re unhappy with my coaching (you’d literally be the first person), I’ll give you a full refund, no hard feelings. I don’t want to take your money if it doesn’t actually improve your life.

Hit me up if you’re serious & let’s kill your inner loser too.


Hey! So this isn’t a request, moreso just wanted to give you a success story to show that not only does your method work, but it worked FAST.

So background: guy in my mid 20’s, in a city in the US with WAY more single men than women, just got out of a multi year relationship. I’m no male model, but I’m a relatively attractive guy with a brand name job. So, I had no problem getting matches on tinder/hinge, and was going on dates every single Friday and Saturday for a month and a half. But, I was surprised – not only did I never hook up, I never even got a single kiss. I was so confused.

So, a few nights ago, I was literally told by a girl “You check every single box for what I want in a guy, but for some reason I don’t feel a connection, and I’m confused.” I was super annoyed, knowing I was doing something wrong. I found your site yesterday, and binge read literally the entire guide over an evening. It just clicked with me. That night, I went on tinder and boosted at 11 PM per your guide, and messaged every match I got using a modified version of your template. I got nearly a 100% response rate, and dates scheduled for tonight, tomorrow, and the next day, just by being direct and honest without overly wordy. Previously, I would text the girl for almost a week before setting up a date, and I realized through your site I was shooting myself in the foot. I was treating dating like I would a long term partner, and removing the passion and mystery.

On my date tonight, I set a vibrating alarm for 1:15 minutes in, asked her to come back to my apartment, and to my shock she accepted! I had literally put 20% of the effort into her that I had other girls, and already gotten further. While we only made out for a bit before she pulled the “this is moving too fast”, I took it in stride using your suggestions and made it clear I was on her team to make her feel less awkward. As a result, she wants to meet up again. 

So while I have some obvious reading to do on building atmosphere (years in a relationship dull your skillset and kissing skills) your method was insanely effective. Literally less than 24 hours after reading your site to first physical action since my LTR breakup.

Tldr – just by being more direct, less wordy, and learning to ask and take the lead literally worked overnight.

When I first met Andy… I wanted advice specifically from someone who went through the exact same thing I did and made it okay on the other side. This I believe is one of Andy’s major selling points, his successes and failure are well documented. You’re not given some Tai Lopez bullshit of “here in my garage” so that he can make money off your ignorance.

Once I started opening about my work life and my difficulty with being disciplined, did I take full advantage of Andy’s value as a life coach. He’s been helping me with a difficult time at work, and with planning out the next year of my life. Self-improvement is not a destination, it’s a journey. I’ll be working with Andy for a while in order to sort out my life.

I have to say that I highly recommend Andy… Be open minded, listen to his advice and keep in mind that there’s no alternative to hard work. Do all that and you will be well on your way to accomplishing your goals.

If you like putting your penis in girls’ vaginas and aren’t doing enough of it hire Andy and do everything he says.

Everyone Andy meets ends up rocking it. I believe his coaching is the best way to start improving right now if you can afford it. And if you cannot… you are not serious about improving anyway.

Thanks again for the recent session, Andy! Your knowledge and experience really helped me reflect on shifting my mindset to work for me rather than overthink things. You also helped me create an action plan for improving my online dating (and eventually laying) results.
To those reading this page, he’s a great mentor to see face-to-face and will take time to answer your lingering questions while offering valuable live insight. I highly recommended his services here.

Had a 30 minute call with Andy this week. Great overall value; you can tell he actually puts an effort in and cares. Will def book another session in the future.

Had a great call with Andy, can’t recommend him enough. Great guy to talk to and made me feel more positive.

Andy will give you clear, direct, honest advice on any of your dating questions and keeps in touch to make sure you’re progressing. He’s a master of photo editing and will get your photos looking their very best.

Andy once told me to go and do it. Then to come back and post that I am the man who got laid. And you know what? That’s what I did. If not for him and the Good Looking Loser community I would be no more then a sad loser now.

Andy will push the right buttons!

Contact Me

Hit me up if you’re serious & let’s kill your inner loser too.

Yo, Andy here. I’m an Aussie guy who went from a depressed, suicidal loser to a guy who gets laid regularly, has 3somes & BDSM sex, crushes weights at the gym & loves his life. I killed my inner loser. It's my mission to get you to kill your inner loser too.