Category: Honesty/Non-Monogamy

What Honesty Looks Like in a Relationship (From a Girl’s POV)

Andy’s girlfriend shares her thoughts on “you vs me”, being on the same team, and honesty in a relationship.

I Give You Permission to be Honest

Andy and the Curious Case of the Missing Honesty.

How to Breakup / End Things Amicably with a Girl

Andy makes breaking up with a girls a little easier for you (and her).

Honesty is Always the Best Policy

Andy aims for honesty at all times, because it’s a million times easier than keeping a bullshit lie going.

Get Coaching/Counseling with Me

Andy’s happy to help you – online or in person.

How to Take Nude Pics with Girls

Andy tells you how to take nude pics of girls with minimal effort.

Asking Can Sometimes Be a Mild Form of Manipulation

Andy discusses telling girls what you want, rather than asking.

Shit Tests, Game, and Having a Fucking Backbone

Andy walks away from shit tests, and you sure as hell should too.

How to Handle “What are We?” / “Where are We Going?”

Andy makes the case for honesty.

It’s “You and Me”, not “You vs Me”


Andy explains his philosophy of dropping the mask and just being real with the girls you date.

“Negging” is Dumb


Andy negs the neggers.