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Beginner’s Guide to Shibari Rope Bondage 4 – Rope Wrist Tie with Leash

Andy dives into part 4 of his rope-tying series with a cool rope wrist tie and a leash.

Am I the Best a Girl has had?

Andy explains why you’re probably not, and why it doesn’t even matter.

Storytime with Andy: The 4some (MFFF)

Andy brings 3 of his girls together, with orgasmic results.

Storytime with Andy: Andy Hooks Up With a Ghost

Andy gets back with a ghost from the past…

Storytime with Andy: Andy Donates Orgasms to a Shy Asian Powerlifter

Andy’s escapades with a small asian girl and a massive magic wand.

How to have 3somes [Part 2] – Dates Before you Have Sex

Andy covers whether or not you should have a date before your 3some, and how to take things back to your place.

Storytime with Andy: Miss Giggles + Immy’s Thoughts on the 3some

Andy and his girlfriend have a wild 3some with a girl who just can’t stop giggling. (Cover image above by Brooke Cagle).

Beginner’s Guide to Shibari Rope Bondage 3 – Dragonfly Armbinder

Andy dives into part 3 of his rope-tying tutorial, and has a bonus 3some too.

Storytime with Andy: Why Losing Fat Matters Above All Else for Getting Laid (+Bonus 3some)

Andy cuts to the chase when it comes to cutting fat. Oh, and a bonus 3some.

Storytime with Andy: The Daddy’s Girl from OkCupid

Andy keeps an open mind and has a wild ride of a time.

How to Have 3somes [Part 1] – Finding the Girls

Andy helps you fulfill your biggest fantasy – two chickies in your nest at the same time.

Storytime with Andy: Fucked & Ghosted by a Circus Performer

Andy regales you with a colourful account of an acrobat who flew into my life and just as quickly flew out of it.

Storytime with Andy: The Realisation I Can Get Laid + Clown Girl, Woody Allen, & a 3some

A clown, Woody Allen, and me finally realising I’m a guy who gets laid.

Storytime with Andy: The First Time I Started Screening for BDSM

Andy takes you back to the start of his BDSM Tinder journey…

Beginner’s Guide to Shibari Rope Bondage 2 – Wrist + Head Tie

Andy dives into part 2 of off his shibari journey – a wrist tie & a head tie.

Beginner’s Guide to Shibari Rope Bondage 1 – Rope Dress & Star Chest Harness

Andy kicks off his shibari journey and wants you to join in too.

Storytime with Andy: The Ginger Goddess & the Alleyway Girl

Andy goes for two in a row – one in an alleyway, and one in his room while his housemate tries to sleep…

Storytime with Andy: Going All-in with Getting Laid, and the Bang in a Public Toilet

Andy goes over the epiphany that made him stop fucking around and actually try to get laid.

Storytime with Andy: When to Talk Dirty, & a Girl Who Takes the Lead

Andy talks dirty with a girl, has some of the wildest sex of his life, and is left confused at the end of it all.

Storytime with Andy: The 18yo Nympho & Whether or Not You Should Help Someone

Andy goes wild on a very sexual 18yo nympho & does his best to mentor her… but it doesn’t quite work out.