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The Inexperienced Girl who Made Love to My Girlfriend (3some)

A recent wild 3some where I basically just watched the entire time… god it was hot.

Sex Stories

Andy tells you why you shouldn’t trust any guy who says he gets laid without showing proof – and Andy shows his own proof.

Getting Laid a Lot Means Sometimes You’ll Accidentally be “Creepy”

Andy’s been a “creepy” bugger more times than he can count; and you should be too.

How Often Should I See a Girl? (Guide for Newbies)

A guide to figuring out how often you want to see your sexual partners.

Am I the Best a Girl has had?

Andy explains why you’re probably not, and why it doesn’t even matter.

Go Outside & Hit on a Woman RIGHT NOW (Motivation)

Go go go!

The Ninja Dom who Became Our Sub [Sex Story]

A fun 3some with a fun fit girl, followed by sushi!

Andy’s Approach Anxiety Program (a Program EVERY Guy Can Complete!)

The simplest approach anxiety program you’ll ever read.

The Kill Your Inner Loser project means the world to me.

We’re building something amazing here guys.

Have Sex in 6 Weeks (Even If You’re a Virgin/Inexperienced) [New Guide]

Virgin? Inexperienced? Maybe just rusty when it comes to women? Here’s the guide for you. (Just pay $1).

How to Have More Sex (According to a WOMAN)

Immy’s tips on getting laid!

The Buttplug Girl [Storytime with Andy]

Andy’s anal escapades with a cute girl!

Andy Nuts in the Gut of a Big-Tittied 18yo (& Runs into Her a Year Later) [Storytime with Andy]

Andy meets an 18yo with massive bazookas, and then runs into her again a year later…

The Korean, the Paddle, and the Sore Ass [Storytime with Andy]

Andy talks about that time he dished out a paddling on the cutest Korean with a big round booty… And his struggles with his body image.

How to Avoid STDs (Are They as Scary as People Make Out?)

Are STDs something to freak out over – or are the risks overblown?

How I Beat My Approach Anxiety (Fear of Hitting on Girls)

Andy tells the epic tale of his triumph over approach anxiety – and how he went on to get laid a tonne.

My Current Tinder Profile (including 3somes/BDSM)

"I'm just on here for friends..."

Andy posts his current Tinder profile, the rationale behind it, and a general guide for getting your own Tinder set up.

How to Make Girls Orgasm with No Effort (Magic Wand)

Andy will blow your mind with mind-blowing orgasm techniques.

Beginner’s Guide to Shibari Rope Bondage 4 – Rope Wrist Tie with Leash

Andy dives into part 4 of his rope-tying series with a cool rope wrist tie and a leash.

Timewasters (Red Flags to Look Out For) – for Advanced Guys

Andy filters out every time waster in the known universe, and tells you how to do the same.