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A Gentle, Teasing Day [3some Sex Story]

A fun romp we had recently.

Fatherhood Changes You.

One of my coaching clients shares what he’s learned as a single father raising 2 kids.

6 Years with Immy. I’m Grateful.

Our relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Here’s what we’ve learned.

How to Make Friends

Andy details how to fill your life full of awesome people.

You’ve Procrastinated Long Enough. Time to Start Your Life.

If your goals are important to you, make them happen. Right now.

The 3 Components of Success

Everything I’ve ever accomplished has come down to this simple formula.

You are a WARRIOR. Act like it.

You got this; I promise.

Life is a Process of Trying on Different Hats (Kill Your Inner Loser)

Life is a Process of Trying On Different Hats

Andy wants you to kill yourself (figuratively…)

I Want Whatever You Want.

So, what do you actually *want*?

What Comes After Sex?

Why thinking, “If I could just get laid a lot, my life would be perfect” is incredibly naïve and fundamentally wrong.

TIWS Day 2 – Give Yourself Permission to Suck (Redux)

In the second episode I cover the future of the podcast and my site in general.

Musings of a Non-Completionist 2: The Hustle

Andy’s on a mission to make it.

Musings of a Non-Completionist 3: Why I Write for This Site

Andy shares what he gets out of writing.

How to Use the Doxy Magic Wand

Andy will blow your mind with mind-blowing orgasm techniques.

31yo Virgin Short Guy Now Gets Laid a Tonne?

You’re going to love this MUST LISTEN success story from one of my long-time clients, Ed, who went from being a 31 year depressed virgin to an ass-kicking machine who’s slept with 12 women so far, overcome his approach anxiety and even started taking photos with models for his Tinder photos.

I’m Offering 1-on-1 Coaching Mentorship Again! (Limited Time Only)

The next chapter of Kill Your Inner Loser begins.

10 Tips to Increase Sex Drive (Low Libido)

Let’s raise that libido and get you bonking ASAP.

If You Don’t Feel MASCULINE Enough…

Were you masculine as a baby?

Accept Where You Currently Are, Then Improve It (The Map Analogy)

Are you frustrated with not being where you want to be in life?

You Don’t Care What I Actually Say. You Care How I Make You FEEL.

Why the words – and being smooth – aren’t anywhere near as important as we think they are.