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Andy tells you why you shouldn’t trust any guy who says he gets laid without showing proof – and Andy shows his own proof.

Get Laid on Tinder [Part 5] – Retention; Seeing Girls Again

Andy teaches you how to become a man worthy of having girls stick around.

Get Laid on Tinder [Part 3] – Messaging Girls

Need to know what to text girls on Tinder/Hinge/etc? Andy’s got you covered.

Get Laid on Tinder [Part 4] – Going on Dates & Having Sex

Andy helps you get that dick of yours wet.

Get Laid on Tinder [Part 2] – Setting Up Your Profile & Getting Matches

Andy helps you dive deep into setting up your Tinder & online dating profiles & getting a billion trillion gazillion matches.

Get Laid on Tinder [Part 1] – Improving Your Looks & Taking Photos

The most comprehensive guide to getting laid on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc on the internet, period.

Tinder Photo Editing/Post-Processing

Andy will take your tinder pics to the next level.

My BDSM Tinder Profile

"I'm just on here for friends..."

Andy posts his current Tinder profile, the rationale behind it, and a general guide for getting your own Tinder set up.

Get Laid on Tinder – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Andy answers all your questions about the Get Laid a Tonne on Tinder series.

Get Laid on Tinder – The Condensed Version

Andy drops the short and sweet handy reference version of his Tinder guide – only 3.12% the length of the original!

How to Take Better Tinder Photos

I'm Ready for My Closeup...

Andy explains the surprisingly easy process of taking brilliant Tinder photos.

Why Your Tinder Pictures Suck (And How to Fix Them)

Andy tells you why your Tinder pics suck hard, and what to do about it.

Tinder Photos & Inspiration

Andy dishes up a massive list of top-quality photos examples/inspiration for your own Tinder profile.

Why Your Tinder Photos are Bad Quality / Blurry

Andy explains why you shouldn’t stress about Tinder lowering the quality of your photos.

Timewasters (Red Flags to Look Out For) – for Advanced Guys

Andy filters out every time waster in the known universe, and tells you how to do the same.

Talking with Girls isn’t “Making Progress”

Andy’ll save you a tonne of time by getting you to shut up a bit.

Tinder Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Andy throws up a quick list of Tinder mistakes a tonne of guys are making.