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Me and my partner in crime, Immy.

Over the last decade or so of my self-improvement journey, I’ve had a ton of really amazing experiences with a wide variety of really amazing women. At first they were just me and the girl; later, once I met my partner Immy, we’ve shared in a lot of 3somes (and a few 4somes) together and made some really amazing memories.

I’ve put a few of the stories here in a list you can read through and enjoy. As you read them, I want you to remind yourself of my motto: “If I can do it, you sure as hell can too.” All the fun sex stuff I’ve done, you are absolutely capable of doing it too – I’m not special. If you’re not at a point where you’re having much luck with the opposite sex, work hard on your self-improvement (start here), build yourself up like I did, and just aim to be 1% better every single day.

Some Cool Stuff I’ve Done

Fun stuff I’ve done:

One of our favourite girls.
  • A fuckton of sex – stories are below, with pics and videos across my site.
  • Threesomes with a bunch of different girls. If you wanna have as many 3somes as I have, use my how-to guide.
  • Several foursomes (MFFF) – eg this one.
  • I’ve been in a relationship for many years with my girlfriend Immy – she’s a truly kickass human being. We met when she was 18, and she’s grown into a truly amazing, confident, and impressive human being over the years. She’s bisexual & seeks out other girls from her own Tinder/Hinge/etc for us to play with together (and I bring in my own girls too). We adore the shit out of each other & constantly push one another to absolutely crush our goals. I love her to bits. She even writes for my site and often features on my YouTube channel.
  • A handful of cold approach lays (walking up to girls during the day on the street/shopping centres/etc and saying “Hey, you’re hot and I had to say hi. I’m Andy” then talking for a bit and asking for a number).
  • Tonnes of BDSM sex – toys, whips, roleplays, the whole 50 shades of grey. I talk more about that here.
  • I’ve coached hundreds of guys and helped them change their lives – here’s their stories, told from their point of view.
  • $50,000 USD in a month from coaching
  • A myriad of interesting adventures (details below) – I’ve had 3somes, been with a few strippers, had sex in public many many times, gotten into BDSM, met some crazies, had sex with a tonne of girls within 30 minutes of meeting them, taught a few virgin girls BDSM. Best of all, I’ve met some really awesome girls who’ve changed me for the better.

A Few Fun Stories from Girls I’ve Met

Here’s a few fun stories I’ve written about some of the great memories I’ve shared with women so far.

Important: Bare in mind a couple of the below stories are from several years ago; I’ve changed a hell of a lot since then – especially my mindset on women & people in general. Back then I was often immature – and at times downright mean & bitter – but my past is an important part of my evolution so I’m happy to show it to you. I go into great detail about how my mindset has changed in “You and Me”.

So artsy.
  1. Reigniting an Old Flame (3some)
  2. Andy has a 4some (MFFF)
  3. Andy Bangs Miss Giggles + Bonus 3some
  4. Andy & his GF Bang a 6ft1 Giant
  5. Andy Talks Dirty & Has a Girl Take the Lead
  6. Andy & Immy Have their 4th 3some in 3 Weeks
  7. Andy Bangs a Canadian Super-hottie & Keeps an Open Mind
  8. The 18yo OnlyFans Queen (3some)
  9. Andy Bangs a Double-Dater, and Why You Should Lose Fat + Bonus 3some
  10. A Stormy 3some
  11. Andy Fucks a Girl then Immediately Shags a Ginger Goddess
  12. Andy Does the Funny Business with a Kinky Daddy’s Girl
  13. Five 3somes in 4 Weeks
  14. Andy’s Epiphany about Not Going All-in with Getting Laid, & the Office Toilet Rendezvous
  15. Andy Bones a Girl He Literally Just Met
  16. Andy Boinks 4 New Girls in 3 days (Including a Lesbian)
  17. Andy Fucks a Clown, Meets Woody Allen, and has a 3some
  18. Andy Bangs 3 New Girls in 10 Hours
  19. The 23yo Virgin with a Broken Foot & a Heart of Gold
  20. Andy & his GF Play with a Stripper
  21. Andy’s Craziest Story of All Time (Podcast Episode) (And Part 2)
  22. Andy, Immy & the Good Girl (from Immy’s POV)
  23. Andy is Spellbound by a Witch
  24. Andy & His Girlfriend Bang a Lesbian Virgin
  25. Easy Free Sex Delivered Straight to Your Couch! (Podcast Episode)
  26. Andy Makes a Moaner Moan & Realises He No Longer Wants Meaningless Sex
  27. The Bridge is Green So We Have a 3some
  28. Andy Orders Italian from OkCupid
  29. Andy Bludgeons the Flaps of a Daddy’s Girl
  30. Andy & Imogen Don’t Pressure a Virgin
  31. We Fingerblasted a Tomboy
  32. Andy Meets a Ghost
  33. Andy Has a 3some & a New Lease on Life (Podcast Episode with my Girlfriend)
  34. Andy Belts a Korean’s Ass
  35. Andy Donates an Orgasm to a Shy Asian Powerlifter
  36. Andy Plays with a Prostitute’s Tits in Public
  37. Andy has his First 3some (with a Virgin & her Best Friend)
  38. Another 3some with a Virgin
  39. Yet ANOTHER 3some with a Virgin…
  40. The 23yo Virgin with a Broken Foot & a Heart of Gold (3some)
  41. Andy Meets Another Circus Performer
  42. Andy Buttplugs a Girl in Public & Realises Hinge is Awesome
  43. Andy Nuts in the Gut of a Big-Tittied 18yo (& Runs into Her a Year Later)
  44. Andy Blesses the Rains Down in Africa (& Thoughts on Open Relationships)
  45. The Girl who Knew Nothing About Sex
  46. Andy gets into a 3some with a Sunflower
  47. Andy First Starts Screening for BDSM
  48. Andy Dodges Herpes
  49. The Time a Crazy Japanese Mistress Tried to Use My Cum for Evil
  50. Andy Lays the Woman in the Red Dress
A very fun afternoon.

My Current Tinder Profile (Including BDSM)

Here’s the Tinder Profile I’m currently using, including explanations of what I text girls, how I structure my dates, etc.

Here’s my comprehensive guide to How to Get Laid on Tinder, so you can follow in my footsteps.

Every single nude photo on this page & in every other article on my site are photos I’ve taken together with the girls I date/sleep with.

I’ll make this abundantly clear: I ask permission before ever sharing any nude pics of anyone; I recommend you always do the same. Read my guide on how to do nude photoshoots with girls you sleep with.

I Wasn’t Always a Guy Who Got Laid…

…In fact I started out a lonely, fat, depressed loser. I go into lots of detail about my transformation journey from zero to hero here. You can do the exact same thing – go start with my Tinder guide and do exactly what I’ve done.

I started out suicidal, obese, depressed, with absolutely no hope for redemption – I really felt like a lost cause. Seriously, read through this and you’ll see how bad my life was when I first started out.

I never in a billion years thought I could do any of the stuff I’ve done. If you read through the first 30 or so pages of the detailed log I kept when I first started trying to get laid, I was scared, timid, depressed and had the worst self-esteem ever. Most weeks I stayed inside my apartment and never left – at least 3 out of every 7 days I’d just drink and watch porn and stay home and cry about how much I hated my life, hated women, hated myself. I had to FORCE myself to leave the house and hit on one girl a day just to convince myself I even deserved to TRY and get laid.

The writing reads “Daddy & Immy’s Girl”

To go from that to a guy who regularly has 3somes without having to try, has a cute, ambitious and intelligent girlfriend who adores him, is getting paid for his getting laid advice and actually has some confidence and self-love still feels surreal sometimes.

Life is really amazing – I get to explore BDSM and kinky sex, my girlfriend and I share plenty of girls in 3somes together (she even brings in extra girls from her own Tinder account) and I have a complete abundance of sex – more than I could ever need.

I will repeat this until the day I die: If I can change, anyone can. I was a total zero, and now I’m at a point where I’m really damn happy with my life – I love being alive. I absolutely killed my inner loser, and you sure as hell can too. Start with my in-depth Tinder and Self-Improvement Guide; I cover every single step of improving yourself, meeting women, getting laid, and continuing to date them afterwards.

If you need more in-depth, hardcore coaching with me, sign up here:

No matter where you’re starting from (even if you’re literally a virgin), you can turn it around.

I have faith in you.

Yo, Andy here. I’m an Aussie guy who went from a depressed, suicidal loser to a guy who gets laid regularly, has 3somes & BDSM sex, crushes weights at the gym & loves his life. I killed my inner loser. It's my mission to get you to kill your inner loser too.