Category: 3somes

Storytime with Andy: The 4some (MFFF)

Andy brings 3 of his girls together, with orgasmic results.

How to have 3somes [Part 2] – Dates Before you Have Sex

Andy covers whether or not you should have a date before your 3some, and how to take things back to your place.

Storytime with Andy: Miss Giggles + Immy’s Thoughts on the 3some

Andy and his girlfriend have a wild 3some with a girl who just can’t stop giggling. (Cover image above by Brooke Cagle).

Storytime with Andy: Why Losing Fat Matters Above All Else for Getting Laid (+Bonus 3some)

Andy cuts to the chase when it comes to cutting fat. Oh, and a bonus 3some.

How to Have 3somes [Part 1] – Finding the Girls

Andy helps you fulfill your biggest fantasy – two chickies in your nest at the same time.

Storytime with Andy: Andy, his Girl & the Cute Stripper

Andy looks back at a fun night with his girlfriend & a cute stripper.

Storytime with Andy: 3some with Sunflower Girl

Andy reminisces about a mediocre 3some…

Storytime with Andy: My First 3some

Cover image by Markus Spiske.

Andy reminisces about his very first 3some back in 2018.

Storytime with Andy: Andy and His Girlfriend Bang a 6ft1 Giant

Andy shags a vertically-blessed giant, and then his girlfriend joins in too.

Storytime with Andy: My Girlfriend Takes a Girl’s Virginity (Nike Girl)

Andy and his girlfriend deflower the world’s sweetest African virgin.