Monthly archives: March, 2021

How I Beat Depression & Learned to be an Optimist (My Story)

Andy talks about his battles with depression, abusive relationships, misery – and ultimately – redemption.

Make the Gym FUN

Hate having to go to the gym? I do too – here’s my fix.

One of My Guys Had His First 3some! (Success Story)

One of the guys in my mentorship group – The Winners Club – recently had his first ever 3some. What a legend.

Petplay (How to Try it)

What is petplay, why is it hot as hell, and why should you try it? (Bonus 3some story!)

Fantasise About Your Goals (to Make You Believe They’re Possible)

How to trick your brain into BELIEVING your goals are achievable.

How to Kiss a Shy or Virgin Girl

Andy and Imogen discuss how to kiss girls who are super shy or turn you down for a kiss.

How to See Multiple Girls at the Same Time

Whether to be honest about seeing multiple girls, how to handle the logistics, how often you should see them, and more.

Everything in Life is a Numbers Game

The numbers game applies to making friends, getting a job, making content, overcoming mental hurdles, and so much more.

When Should I Lower or Raise My Standards? (The Ebb & Flow of Standards)

Andy answers the age-old question, as to when you should raise or lower your standards when it comes to girls.

Are You Trying to Have Sex, or Trying to get Validation?

Validation should never be your ONLY focus, and here’s why.

Other People Have a Different Rulebook to You (Empathy)

Why people aren’t always going to do what you want them to do… and how to deal with the frustration that comes from that.