Any of you worried about the future, whether or not AI will take over your job, etc – WATCH THIS VID:

I ended up covering big topics like how to be happy, how to not live a life full of regrets, how to live a life that’s true to you, how to build stoicism, and much more.

The world is changing, that’s for sure. But we’ll do what we’ve always done – we’ll roll with the punches, we’ll adapt, we’ll use the tools to supercharge our self-improvement and we’ll make the most of all the new opportunities that come up.

Let’s fucking go!

Yo, Andy here. I’m an Aussie guy who went from a depressed, suicidal loser to a guy who gets laid regularly, has 3somes & BDSM sex, crushes weights at the gym & loves his life. I killed my inner loser. It's my mission to get you to kill your inner loser too.