NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

Hey wonderful people, it’s story time! Immy & I have just started seeing a very cute, very sweet, very tall (5ft10!) and very kinky girl who’s just started doing OnlyFans (here’s her onlyfans) and who happens to have the biggest boobs in the known universe (well, maybe not in the entire universe, but still…) She hadn’t ever done anything with women, hadn’t ever explored BDSM, so we had fun teaching her and showing her a few things this past week…

She goes by the stage name Vero (she’s cool with us writing all this and sharing her pics). We met Vero on Immy’s profile, and she sent us some of her awesome cosplay photos she’d done – they’re so cool!

She wasn’t free for a month, so we talked a little over text about what she might be into, what she might want to try, etc – her BDSM Test results are there on the right, if you’re interested. (My own results are here; and here’s Immy’s).

The month went by, we went on a first date and as soon as I saw her, I couldn’t help but think she was even more attractive than her pics. As soon as she walked over to us I said, “You are so incredibly pretty” and she immediately said “You two are so pretty too”. I laughed, “Even me? I’m pretty?” And she said “Yes, you’re pretty!” Oh, be still my beating heart! Queue the Spongebob meme:

We grabbed some bubble tea to sit in a park and talk about kinks, what she might want to try with us, what her experience levels were (none), etc. It was a really nice first date, the 3 of us getting to know one another; she had the world’s coolest hobby (cosplay!) and even made her own costumes, which is so so cool to me. She also had a very sweet personality, a great sense of humour (such a huge turn-on to me) and seemed like a very loving, open person. Exactly the kind of person we like in our lives.

Don’t they look cute together?

(It also helps that she’s ridiculously hot…)

We talked through what kink/BDSM can be like (she’d never done anything), and talked about what it’s like being with another woman. I asked her why she’d never done anything with a woman, given it was something she really wanted. She mentioned that women had always intimidated her, and she had no idea what to do, so I reassured her that if we all ended up playing together, I’d guide her and teach her everything, without her having to worry about a thing.

We hung out for a few hours, enjoying each other’s company, then we eventually walked her back to the train station (we like to save the play/sex stuff for the 2nd date). At one point she was looking so ridiculously pretty (ok, she was looking ridiculously pretty the entire date) and I blurted out, “You’re so pretty” which made her blush in the most adorable manner. “Can I kiss you?” I asked, and she said yes, so I pulled her to me, a gentle, romantic kiss while Immy watched, smiling at us. She blushed afterwards, and I moved in close again, this time whispering “Would you like to kiss Immy?” She nervously said ok, so I gently guided her towards Immy as the two of them embraced, kissing on the side of a busy street as cars drove by, the two of them looking so incredibly sexy together.

We said our goodbyes and organised a meetup a week later to try some BDSM together. Let the games begin…

The 2nd Date:

Needless to say, since she hadn’t done any BDSM/kink before, and hadn’t done anything at all with women, Vero was very nervous when we first went into the bedroom. Immy and I had decided we wanted to give her a really beautiful first experience with women/BDSM, and really take our time guiding her, showing her a good time, helping her open up; all that good stuff. I dimmed the bedroom lights, put on some soft music, and gently caressed Vero, softly rubbing her back reassuringly, trying to show her we’d take care of everything for her and all she had to do was just relax and enjoy it.

From a photoshoot we did together later on

Wanting to give her whatever it was she wanted most, I asked her, “Would you like to be the centre of attention and get blindfolded and tied up first, with Immy and I making you feel really nice? Or would you like to tie Immy up with me, and I show you how to pleasure a woman?”

Clearly nervous, she muttered a quiet, “I don’t mind”, so I took the lead and said, “Ok, we’ll make Immy feel really good first, how’s that sound?” Vero nodded in approval, as I gently slid off Immy’s top, revealing her cute, perky little boobs and nipples that were already rock hard, needing some love and attention. I turned to Vero and asked, “Would you like me to guide you and show you what to do with Immy, or would you prefer to just try a few things yourself and experiment?” She asked me to guide her and show her, so I obliged, gently caressing Immy’s chest, arms and tummy, nice and slowly, telling Vero to follow along and match my movements.

The artsiest dick pic I’ve ever taken

The two of us caressed Immy all over, nice and slow, very gently, and I taught Vero how to tease. “Rub very close to Immy’s nipples, but not quite touching them…. she’s got to show us how badly she wants it before we let her have it.” Slowly and deliberately we ran our fingers all around Immy’s chest but not quite where she wanted us to touch her most, and Vero seemed to enjoy watching Immy moan and get a little impatient. I grabbed a blindfold out of the cupboard and wrapped it around Immy’s head, showing Vero how to tie it – tying it off to the side (rather than at the back), so it wouldn’t be pressing against Immy’s head as she lay on the pillow.

Gradually more of Immy’s clothes came off, until she was completely nude, and I took Vero’s hand in mine, gently running it all over Immy’s nipples now, showing her how to pinch them, pull them, twist them, each movement eliciting delightful little gasps of pleasure from Immy’s sweet little lips. I gently pushed Vero towards Immy so the two of them could make out, Immy hungrily leaning up for more of Vero’s mouth, the two of them looking oh-so-sexy as I watched them make out, before Vero turned to me to kiss me softly too.

I could tell Vero was still very nervous and intimidated (she’d previously mentioned to us that women intimidate her sexually), so I took her hand and gently caressed Immy’s thighs with it. “It’s very fun to tease all around her thighs and her pussy,” I instructed, “but not let her have what she really wants. Don’t touch her clit just yet… let’s tease her for a bit.”

Vero followed along, her fingernails lightly drifting across Immy’s sensitive skin, and before long Immy was bucking her hips up in the air, moaning, desperate for Vero to touch her needy little clit. “You’re doing such a good job” I whispered to Vero, gently kissing her head, softly caressing her hair and her back, lavishing her with lots of praise. I wanted her to feel good about what she was doing; and besides, she was doing an incredible job, especially for someone with no experience with women.

“Would you like me to teach you how to go down on Immy, or do you want to keep teasing like this for a bit?” Vero, still nervous, said she wanted to keep caressing for a bit before going down on Immy, so I let her explore, and I grabbed a few toys from the cupboard to teach her how they worked.

My favourite paddle

We started with spanking implements – a crop, a few whips, a paddle. Gently I spanked Immy with a few of the different toys, then a little harder, then harder still. With each implement, I (gently) spanked Vero’s outstretched hand with it, to show her how it felt. After a few demonstrations by me, I handed each implement to Vero and ask her if she’d like to have a go at spanking Immy. She nodded, clearly excited… but also scared.

At first she was so adorably gentle, spanking Immy with about as much force as a butterfly flapping its wings… We both smiled, and I said “You can go harder than that! I promise you won’t hurt her. You can just start gentle, then go a tiny bit harder, then a tiny bit harder, each time asking Immy how that feels”. She spanked a tiny bit harder and Immy moaned, “You can go much harder than that”. Slowly but surely she worked up the courage to be a little bit more firm; it was very sexy watching her slowly gain confidence right before our eyes. “Good girl” I said, praising her some more. “You’re getting really good at this! You’re turning into Little Miss Expert!”

I showed her a few other things – ice cubes and how nice they can feel on the body, my hot water trick (an alternative to wax play), a few other toys, Vero and I taking our time and making sure Immy was feeling amazing. We got some oil and covered Immy in it, the two of us giving her a gentle, sensual massage, caressing her now-very-sensitive nipples, her thighs, every now and then rubbing near her clit (but not quite touching it), still teasing her, which drove her even crazier. Immy was moaning and writhing, clearly very turned on being our tied-up, blindfolded little experimental toy. Very much being a good girl for us.

I slid Vero’s top off, then her bra, those massive, sexy breasts exposed to the air, nipples starting to get harder. As she rubbed Immy’s thighs I gently kissed and bit Vero’s neck, making her moan, my hands caressing her hefty breasts, fingertips gently sliding over her nipples, pinching them softly… which only made her moan more. I kissed her softly, her heart racing, breath quickening, as I whispered quietly in her ear, “Would you like Immy to suck your nipples?”

She nodded sheepishly and I pulled Immy’s head up, still blindfolded, and guided her to Vero’s tits. Immy sucked hungrily, so turned on now, desperate to give some of the same pleasure she’d been receiving. I took Vero’s other tit in my mouth, the two of us sucking on her, rolling our tongues over her nipples, gently biting them, which drove Vero wild… My hand reaching up to caress Vero’s face softly, wanting her to feel oh-so-good as she continued pushing past her nerves and opening up to us.

She’s definitely got a Dominant streak…

I laid Immy back down on the bed and Vero kept caressing close to Immy’s clit, but seemed a little nervous to touch her properly. I gently guided her hand onto Immy’s clit and showed her what to do, Immy moaning harder now. As she did, I took Vero’s pants off, exposing her down to just her panties now, and I started to rub her through the material while she caressed Immy. I slid a finger inside Vero’s panties, feeling how utterly wet she was, and I slipped my finger in, making her gasp and groan. Slowly at first, then a little harder, I began fingering her pussy, her juices coating my finger, faster and faster until she was losing control, before finally pulling my finger out. I told her to look at Immy as I brought my wet finger to Immy’s lips, who hungrily sucked all of Vero’s pussy juice off, licking my finger clean… god these two were so fucking hot.

Immy was moaning like crazy now, so I asked Vero, “Would you like to try going down on her?” She nodded, awaiting my guidance. The two of us moving between Immy’s legs, Vero looked at me for instruction. “Start by just kissing her thighs, very gently, close to her clit… but not quite giving her what she wants.” Vero obliged, kissing one side of Immy’s inner thighs while I kissed the other side, the two of us teasing Immy (who by this point was going utterly insane, having been teased for almost an hour…) “Try kissing her clit, very softly, right here” I said, guiding her as she very gingerly planted a kiss right on Immy’s sensitive little clit, causing her to gasp. “Good job, you’re so good at this” I said, caressing her back and kissing her forehead softly, loving how brave she was being.

What a good girl.

“Now try licking it up and down, very slowly” I commanded, Vero’s tongue lapping at Immy’s dripping pussy. “You can also go side to side, then try in circles. All of those feel really nice” I said quietly, and Vero got to work making Immy feel utterly amazing. At this point it seemed like Vero had figured out what to do, so I just let her go at it, alternating her tongue strokes between going up and down, side to side, and in circles. The entire time Immy was moaning, shaking in pleasure, going utterly crazy as her hips bucked up and down, her hands on Vero’s head, the two of them looking fucking incredible together.

As I gently caressed Vero’s back, telling her what a good girl she was being and encouraging her as much as I could, I felt myself getting more and more turned on… wanting both of them. I was teasing Vero’s pussy, her wetness dripping all over my fingers, and I was starting to lose my mind, my cock throbbing and aching in my pants. I moved close to Vero, kissing her forehead, then down to her neck, biting her shoulder and making her moan. I licked her earlobe softly before whispering, “You are being such a good girl, and doing such a good job. You’re so so good at this. If you ask very nicely, I might give you a little reward…” She moaned and I paused before adding, “Do you want me to fuck you?” She nodded, already very desperate for it.

A cheeky smile formed across my face as I said, “No… you’re going to have to beg for it. Tell me what you want.”
“Please” she moaned, but that wasn’t enough.
“No, tell me exactly what you want.”
“Do I have to say it?”
“Yes”, I said with a smile. “If you don’t say exactly what you want, how can anyone ever give you what you want?” [There’s a life lesson in there for all of you].
She hesitated for a few seconds, before surrendering, “Please… fuck me…”

Her words driving me crazy, especially with how shy she was about saying it, I quickly ripped off my clothes, threw on a condom, and I positioned myself behind her, her wet, hairy little pussy dripping for me as she ate Immy out. “Beg” I commanded, desperately hoping she’d say it quickly so I could take her. She immediately obliged, “Please, fuck me!” moaning as I instantly pressed forward, the head of my dick pressing in. I teased her, just the tip inside as she begged for more, trying to push back against me, desperate to have all of me, needing to be filled.

I pushed in a little further, pleasure washing over me at how god damn good she felt, her hairy little pussy driving me crazy as I pushed in further, taking her, owning her, getting so so turned on watching her eat my sexy girlfriend out in front of me. I slid in all the way, fucking her faster and faster, slapping her ass which made her MOAN so hard, feeling myself already close to cumming even though we’d only just gotten started. Her hot ass was shaking and jiggling with every thrust, Immy moaning loud as she listened to the sounds, unable to see how good Vero and I looked as we fucked with wild abandon.

Kinky boots

I grabbed the camera and my lights and we took a pic (it’s there on the left), both girls moaning and groaning and shaking in pleasure, the air thick with the scent of sex and raw passion. I pulled out, not wanting to cum yet, desperate for more as I watched Vero continue eating Immy out, more passionately now, desperate to make her feel good. I moved behind Vero, getting down on my knees, burying my face in her ass and pussy, licking her dripping wet pussy, hungrily sucking on her clit, wanting her to feel every bit as good as she was making Immy.

We continued like that for a few minutes but I couldn’t take it anymore and had to have her again… Throwing on a condom and fucking her from behind some more, these two beautiful women driving me utterly insane. I was so turned on by this point I told Vero to turn around and lay down on her back, her sexy little pussy exposed for me, those big beautiful tits pointed up at me.

A slightly more artsy shot 😉

I slid two fingers inside and slammed them in and out hard while she moaned and groaned, her pussy starting to squirt as she made a sexy mess all over my hand, driving me even crazier. I wiped it all over her beautiful tits, “You just squirted everywhere, look at the fucking mess you just made” as Immy leaned forward to try and find Vero’s nipple, licking and sucking it clean.

I jumped on top of Vero again, entering her, my rock-hard cock slamming inside her as I pounded her hard, pulling her to me, using her pussy as I took off Immy’s blindfold so she could watch me dominate this incredibly sexy girl.

Immy was so utterly turned on by the sight of us she grabbed her favourite vibrator out of the cupboard and shoved it between her legs, desperately trying to get herself off while I pounded Vero’s dripping wet little hole, overwhelmed by my own lust and pleasure, wrapping my arms around her and squeezing her so tight as I slammed in and out. I wrapped one hand around Vero’s throat and squeezed gently, which only made her MORE animalistic and turned on, all 3 of us losing our minds, so desperate to have more, hungry for each other, never wanting this to end.

I was trying so desperately not to cum yet, but Immy wasn’t making it any easier, egging me on and yelling “Fuck her little pussy!” Vero seemed to love being watched like that, groaning and moaning, almost performing for our audience of 1… god it was hot. Immy almost came, moaning, “Fuck, I’m going to cum, please can I cum?” But I denied her, “No, wait until I say you can cum”. She yanked the vibrator away from herself at the last possible second, her body shaking and jerking in equal parts frustration and bliss as I continued pounding Vero, her dripping pussy feeling like absolute heaven as she clenched hard around me.

As I pounded her and held her to me, I kissed her forehead, whispering in her ear, “You are being such a good girl for us Vero, so so good, letting your little pussy get used like this. Fuckkkk you feel so good”, my cock about ready to explode inside her.

Yes Mistress.

Oh-so-close to cumming but not wanting this to end, I pulled out, kissing Immy and Vero passionately, my cock jerking and throbbing as I slowly tried to catch my breath. “Let’s take a little break…” I said, the 3 of us collapsing on the bed, snuggling and cuddling, my fingers gently caressing Vero’s big sexy tits, as Immy held her hand, hearts racing. I kissed Vero’s shoulders, neck and head quite a few times, whispering “You’re doing such an incredible job. You’re such a good girl” as she lay there in bliss, smiling and enjoying the snuggles.

We cuddled for a while, and I asked Vero what she’d like to do, still very much wanting to give her the best experience today. “Would you like to shoot some more photos and videos together, or have a bit more sex, or just keep cuddling for a bit? What would you like.” She thought for a bit before replying “Can we just cuddle for a bit?” I obliged, gently caressing her face and whispering sweet nothings in her ear as the 3 of us just lay there, holding each other, basking in the soft energy, gently music still playing in the background.

Back to the story from my (Andy’s) point of view:

Before I knew it, the 2 of them had fallen asleep! Awww, so adorable… turns out both of them had barely slept the night before, so I let them snooze, the gentle sounds of their breathing was very sweet as I read a book next to them both. At one point, still half-asleep, Vero reached out for my hand and held it nice and tight, which felt lovely… what a little sweetie. I gently caressed her face from time to time, and an hour passed, then 2 hours, both of them clearly enjoying a bit of zzzzzzzz time.

When they awoke, we grabbed some dinner, drove her to the train station and said our goodbyes, with promises to shoot some more photos and explore some more kinkiness the next time we met up. The two of them had made me (and each other!) feel so utterly amazing… and that was only the warmup. This was only the beginning.

I’m very grateful to Vero for opening up with us, for sharing herself with us, especially given her nerves. She was so incredibly brave, as well as very sexy, incredibly sweet and genuine; I’m very glad we’ve met her. Here’s to whatever fun adventures & beautiful moments come for the 3 of us next.

UPDATE: We’ve met up a few more times since I first wrote this story; I’ve added in some extra photos we’ve taken together.

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