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A lot of guys have this notion that women (particularly really blood hot women) are some kind of “otherworldly being”. Guys often feel like hot women are goddesses who must have the coolest lives ever, and those men feel like they’re just not good enough to hit on these women. I’ve seen guys struggle to hit on attractive women (or any women at all), because they just don’t feel “worthy” – like the women are “too good” for them.

But here’s the truth: most hot women are just really, really good at making themselves look good.

Think about it: you’ve been working on your appearance through self-improvement, hitting the gym, losing weight, adding muscle, dressing better, grooming, teeth whitening, and getting a haircut. Hot women have essentially being doing the same thing (for most of their lives), except in their case they’ve become experts at makeup, experts at grooming themselves, experts at dressing themselves in ways that show off their best features, experts at posing, experts at doing their hair, experts at moving their body in a way that accentuates their sex appeal, and so much more. They’ve learned how to take amazing selfies, learned what angles and lighting work best, and accessorized since they were 12 years old.

Appearance is usually the thing women care THE MOST about, so they spend a ridiculous amount of time getting good at it and making sure they have it nailed. Before they leave the house, hot chicks spend an hour or two on their makeup, showering, face routines, etc. And she’s already had her nails and hair done, probably a tan too depending on where you live. Hot chicks are EXPERTS at looking good. So if you come in and compare yourself to them, when you’ve likely ONLY JUST STARTED with your own self-improvement, that’s not a fair comparison.

Women are also experts at carefully curating their photos on social media. They take HUNDREDS of photos and just upload one of them. So you’re only seeing the highlight reel of their life; the best, most carefully manufactured moments. It’s almost fake, like movies, like Hollywood, perfectly rehearsed. The reality is women are just humans with a pussy – their lives are often mundane and normal, just like yours. You’re only seeing the really cool highlights on her social media… but that’s not what her life is actually like the other 99% of the time.

And remember, you don’t have to “compete” just in looks. You have so much more going for you than that. Focusing on looks and telling yourself “She looks better than me, therefore she’s better than me” is you cherry-picking just ONE aspect. And if she’s really hot, then of course you’re going to fall short (unless you happen to have been born insanely-attractive).

But looks are just ONE part of you/her. You have so much more to offer. Confidence (and if you’re not confident, that’s ok – you will be once you’ve talked to another 100 or so women). Women want guys who have the balls to approach them; that’s you.

You have honesty and integrity to offer as well. You being straight-to-the point when you approach (or on dating apps) gets you massive brownie points in her eyes; it’s something quite rare in 95% of men. There’s more too – you having your shit together (having a stable job, your own apartment, etc) is massively attractive to women. You liking yourself and knowing who you are/what your principles are is massively attractive to her. All of these things (and more) are things hot women will love about you.

Hell, if you push yourself far enough with your self improvement, some of these women might even be intimidated by you. Improve yourself enough and she might start comparing herself to you, feeling like you have so much going for you, and all she has is her looks. Again, hot chicks are experts at looking good, but you can build so much more in your life and in your own personality. You’re more than just your looks. Stop comparing yourself to hot women, stop holding back.

Get out there and hit on some hot chicks.

You’ll be surprised that some of them will say yes – just because you had the balls to ask.

So, go out there and ask. That means you’re going to have to get off your ass, go outside and take action, and actually approach those women you’ve been too afraid to talk to.

You might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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