Cover image by Christian Wiediger.

Guys, I’ll hit you with a challenge: I want you to get a girl’s number – and then have sex together – but you’re only allowed to use one message:

[Name], I’m taking you out for a drink, a flirt, and if you’re a good girl – strawberries & blindfolds. What’s your number? I’ll shoot you a text.

The wording you use isn’t that important; play around and try different messages. The only goal of this challenge is for you to get her number in 1 message, and then sleep with her/date her. I don’t care what you say or how you do it (obviously, try not to lie/manipulate/deceive…) There’s no other rules to this challenge, so go out there and make it happen. Drop a comment below to let me know how it goes.

You can also try this in person (cold approach/daygame) – walk up to a girl and in 1 or 2 sentences get her number (without her speaking first). Eg: “Hey, this is random as hell but you’re hot. Lemme grab your number, we’ll grab a drink sometime.”

Again, doesn’t matter what you say – as long as you only say 1 unbroken “sentence” without her speaking.

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