Back in early 2018, someone asked me on the Good Looking Loser Forums how I managed to cure my hatred and anger towards women. Here’s a copy-paste of my response at the time:

I didn’t actually try to cure it. If anything, I tried really hard to keep my “Women are evil” mindset. I used to read red pill stuff daily, I’d constantly tell myself “Remember, this is a war, you’re always at war with all women, they all want to use you so don’t let them win”. I surrounded myself with as much “women suck” stuff as I could – used to subscribe to a tonne of anti-women, anti-feminist Youtube channels too.

I haven’t shagged a lot of girls from cold approach – only 8 so far. But 3 of them were virgins & another had only been with 1 guy before me. Those 4 girls were REALLY into me, and really innocent, and didn’t play ANY games whatsoever. They appreciated my time. All 4 of them cared deeply about me, 2 of them definitely loved me and the other 2 were pretty close to being in love with me.

Those 4 girls more than anything else made me realise yeah, some girls are evil – so are some guys. But some girls are pretty fucking sweet and have no intention of trying to fuck you over. Some girls are actually good people.

All the approaches I did (done over 600 so far) helped too. All the times I had a fun conversation with a cute girl really made me like women again.

I didn’t WANT to stop hating women, but it just kinda happened by accident. I’ve read a tonne of other reports on here from guys who say the same shit – they started off hating women, but by talking to and shagging a few women, they dropped the “women are evil” shit almost by accident.

So bottom line: If you’re fucking angry at women, embrace it. It’s fine man, it’s part of the process. Don’t try to fix it, just focus on having fun, shag a lot of girls, and in time you might find yourself surprised at how you just don’t care about their annoying habits (like flaking, lol)…

That’s right; I actively wanted to hate women and actively FOUGHT to keep up my anger towards them… But in the end women won me over and melted my cold heart with their genuine sweetness and caring nature.

If you hate women or hold a lot of anger/resentment towards “female nature”, try not to get too frustrated by that – in a lot of guys’ cases the anger/bitterness is just part of the process. Just keep on trucking, keep going on dates and trying to get laid, keep improving yourself so you get a better class of women (and more of them).

Most of all, try to keep an open mind. Try being vulnerable and honest whenever you can, and the more you open up to girls, the more you’ll start to find ones who are pretty good people and treat you pretty damn well.

The issue will be if you never grow out of your hatred of women – or it gets worse over time. Hating (or being angry at) half the world’s population obviously isn’t going to lead to a very happy life. It’s a hell of a burden to bear.

But for now don’t worry about the future – just focus on giving yourself as much dating/sexual experience as you can, and trust that over time as you meet a few cool chicks you’ll learn to chill out with the anger/disappointment thing. Try not to be too much of a dick to girls in the mean time; they’re honestly really nice people.

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