People seem to think I don’t have any limiting beliefs, I don’t have doubts, I’m not full of uncertainty and insecurity.

In short, a lot of people seem to think I have my shit together.


I wish.

Truth is I have a million limiting beliefs and I often wonder if my goals are possible, if I’m good enough to achieve them, or if I’ll just end up being a massive failure.

I want you to watch this video – I go through a TONNE of the limiting beliefs I’ve had about myself and my own ability to succeed over the last 6 or 7 years since I started my whole self-improvement journey:

Please don’t EVER let your limiting beliefs/doubts/insecurities stop you from taking action. Everything I’ve achieved has been IN SPITE OF my limiting beliefs.

It’s fine to doubt yourself; but you also need to be taking action at the same time.

Now go out there and DO SOMETHING – take action. Even just a tiny little baby step today, right now.

Don’t wait until you feel “ready”. That day will never come; there’ll never be a “perfect” time to start. So start now, before you feel ready.


Even if you’re scared.

You got this.

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