You know, I had ideas of what I should write here today – ways I could motivate you, inspire you, help you, and encourage you to sign up for my coaching program.

I thought of a million different topics I could talk about, a million different ways I could improve your life, or get you fired up and motivated, get you taking action, have you take that baby step towards the life you want to live.

I put a whole lot of pressure on myself that this article had to be perfect today; that I had to do the bestest best job ever.

But fuck all that. All that pressure just disconnects me from you; it stops me from saying what I actually want to say to you. It’s not keeping you on the same team as me; it’s just distancing us.

So here’s what I want to say to you… What I actually want to say. I’d love it if you signed up for my coaching program; you’d be helping me pay the bills, you’d be helping to pay Cam’s bills too, and you’d be giving us an opportunity to do the thing we love most – helping people. We know how much we’d change your life if you signed up – we know how insanely amazing your life can be (we’ve seen it enough times by now). It’d mean a lot to us if you gave us that opportunity and allowed us to show you the life you deserve to be living.

I also want to say if you decide not to sign up, I’d love that too.

I’m a big proponent of people doing what they want to do; it’s one of the missions with my content. I want you to do whatever it is you want to do – even if that means not signing up for my coaching. Especially if that means not signing up for my coaching.

Finally, I want to say I’m grateful for you. Nothing more needs to be said than that.

I am grateful for you.

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