NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

Alright, sex story time!

Immy and I recently met a hot 20yo Swedish girl who was inexperienced (only had sex 3 times) but extremely keen to explore 3somes, BDSM, and other women. We’ll call her “Elsa” to keep her anonymous (but she’s ok with us writing this story – we always like to ask).

We met her through Immy’s Tinder. Here’s a screenshot of Immy’s Hinge profile (her Tinder profile is basically exactly the same):

And here’s the convo they had with each other on Tinder:

We did the usual thing we do, sharing a few of our “nude artsy photos”/BDSM photos, to give girls a taste of what we’re into. And then we always say, “Would you like to show us something of yourself, cutie?” This girl, Elsa, sent us a couple of nude selfies, and she was a total cutie. Incredibly sexy, with perfect little boobs, a cute pussy with a little hair on it, a petite body shape without an ounce of fat on her… absolutely sexy as hell. On top of that, she was very sweet over text, was quite an outgoing, adventurous person, and was excited to meet us & explore. Needless to say, we were excited to meet up for a casual coffee to make sure we all clicked.

We met for a first date and had an amazing time; we always like to just have a casual first date with no sex, to make sure we all like each other and have a connection. We talked about hobbies, goals, philosophy, what we wanted from life, and all that deep stuff. We also chatted about her experience (or lack of experience) with BDSM and kinks, asked her what she’d like to try (again, she was very inexperienced but willing to try everything) and Immy and I both kissed her a few times on the date. (My go-to line is “Can I kiss you?” That’s literally it; I’m not smooth, I don’t put pressure on myself to be some James Bond smooth playa. I literally just ask for what I want, and see if she wants the same thing.)

For the second date, we invited her straight over and we had a wild 3some with crazy sex – she was incredibly passionate and oh so sexy, especially for a girl with very little experience. We taught her how to pleasure Immy, we showed her a bunch of toys, had a lot of fun – it was pretty incredible.

But let’s talk about the 3rd time we saw her; because that was even more erotic, and Immy and I got to do something we haven’t really done before; me getting (willingly) “cucked” by a girl…

So, Elsa had expressed to us over text that she wanted to explore being more dominant (particularly, dominating Immy). Being dominant was something she’d never explored before, but had always fantasised about. So we decided to give her a nice surprise… Before Elsa was due to come over, I tied Immy up, blindfolded her, and strapped her to the bed so she couldn’t move, with her arms and legs spread open. I played with Immy’s naked, vulnerable body for a while, getting her dripping wet as she lay there helplessly, desperate for more…

One from a recent photoshoot we did

As Immy lay on the bed, dripping wet with anticipation, I left to go get Elsa from the train station (who had no idea Immy was tied up) and brought her back to ours. I covered her eyes, lead her to the bedroom, and told her to open her eyes. Let’s just say when she saw Immy tied up, blindfolded and dripping wet, she was pretty surprised, and very excited…

Obviously since she was inexperienced, I guided her a bit at the start, letting her explore Immy’s naked, tied up body with some toys, as well as her own fingertips. There was something so innocent, so sweet, so pure about the way she was curiously exploring Immy’s body, trying different things, caressing her in different spots, seeing what Immy would respond to, what she would enjoy. Normally I’d jump in and either go down on Elsa, or fuck her while she teased Immy… but something made me want to just lay there on the bed next to Immy, watching as Elsa did whatever she felt like with my girlfriend. It was very erotic; like I got to enjoy being “cucked” and getting to just watch these two incredibly sexy women explore each other.

A few times I offered, “Would you like me to guide you? Or would you like to just sort of explore Immy’s body on your own?” She wanted to explore on her own without my guidance, so I let her press on, eager to explore my beautiful girlfriend’s very vulnerable, sexy form.

Elsa teased Immy with her lips, gently sucking on her clit, and she’d take little breaks to move up to Immy’s lips, kissing her softly, passionately, sensually. Women have such an incredibly gentle but hot as hell way of kissing each other, and as I watched them kissing, I felt myself throbbing. Women tend to be very sensual and gentle with each other; such a stark contrast to most male-on-female sex. Again I was tempted to join in, but I’d never been the voyeur before; just watching and enjoying. There was something so erotic about the way Elsa was exploring Immy, figuring out how to pleasure a woman, figuring out sex in general. And she was good at it.

Quite a few times Elsa would tease Immy and make her beg, gently kissing or licking dangerously close to Immy’s clit but not quite touching it, until Immy was begging and pleading, her little hips rising up in the air. “Please, please touch me…” But Elsa kept teasing her, a wicked smile on her face as she taunted her in the most delightful way: “I don’t think you want it bad enough. Beg harder.” God dammit it was so incredibly hot to watch, especially given this was a girl with very little experience who had this wild, dominant, sexy side to her. Like something out of my wildest fantasies.

She kept exploring Immy like that, kissing her all over her body, teasing her, caressing her with fingers, covering her in oil as her hands glided over Immy’s smooth skin, nipples hard, breath coming in short gasps now. Elsa finally gave Immy what she wanted by going down on her, hungrily licking and sucking Immy’s sensitive clit. I gazed into Elsa’s eyes, my own lust building, but again I resisted the urge to jump in there, finding myself desperate to see exactly what Elsa would do next.

After pleasuring Immy with her tongue, lips and fingers for what seemed like an eternity, Elsa quietly whispered to me, “Did you tell me you had a strapon dildo?” I nodded with a smile, grabbing it for her and helping her put it on, a huge glass dildo now sticking out from between her legs.

And this is the part where things turned really magical. I untied Immy, taking off her blindfold, and put a pillow underneath her butt, propping her pussy up in the air a bit. Elsa knelt between Immy’s legs, the strapon dildo aimed at Immy’s entrance, as she very gently slid inside a little, teasing Immy, making her beg for more. Slowly she slid further and further in as Immy wrapped her legs around Elsa, pulling her into her, gasping as the full length of the dildo slid inside. Immy wrapped her arms around her too, as Elsa leaned forward, kissing her passionately while fucking her with the strapon.

There was something so unbelievably erotic about watching my girlfriend be taken by this beautiful Swedish goddess; the way they were kissing passionately and both moaning was driving me insane. I just lay there and watched closely, my face near theirs, as they broke the kiss for a moment for Immy to kiss me passionately as Elsa kept gently fucking her. I pulled back as Elsa resumed kissing her hungrily, their tongues sliding inside each other’s mouths, messy passionate kisses as I watched on, me still fully dressed while their naked forms wrapped around one another like two snakes dancing in the dim red light of my bedroom.

I moved behind Elsa and gently rubbed her pussy while she thrust into Immy, my other hand on her ass to gently push her into Immy harder with each thrust. Her pussy was dripping but her panties were still on, so I rubbed her through the material, making her moan as hard as Immy was. The two of them continued making love to one another (it really did look like lovemaking; so incredibly intimate and beautiful) as I rubbed Elsa’s pussy through her panties. The two of them broke the kiss and gazed into each other’s eyes, barely noticing me as they held eye contact, lust between them as they both moaned… Watching them gaze into each other’s eyes so intimately was one of the hottest images I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

It really did look like they were making love.

I did my best not to disturb them, feeling like I was witnessing something really special and incredibly intimate – and I wanted to give them the space to just be with each other. A few times Immy glanced over at me as if to make sure I was still having fun; the giant, shit-eating grin on my face obviously told her I was. By this point Elsa had gained a lot of confidence and was talking so dirty to Immy in that sexy Swedish accent of hers… “You like me fucking your little pussy? Beg for more. Tell me how much you love it.” Oh my god.

Eventually Immy wanted her turn being in charge so she gently pushed Elsa off her and pushed her down onto the bed while I watched. I joined in a little, softly caressing Elsa’s perfect young body, her firm little tits feeling so good in my hands as I teased her nipples while Immy teased her over her panties, making her beg for more. I didn’t want to get *too* involved; I was having SO much fun watching these two beauties, and I almost wanted them to forget I was even there. (Maybe next time I’ll try just sitting in the corner and watching, without disturbing them at all. God……)

Another from a photoshoot

Eventually Elsa was so turned on she begged me to play with her clit and finger her, so I jumped in and fingered her hard, playing with her clit, driving her crazy as her hot little body arched up in the air. Immy was kissing her passionately, playing with her tits, but eventually got so turned on watching me finger Elsa that she had to grab a vibrator and start playing with herself properly. The sexual energy in the room was insane; they were both so utterly desperate for each other.

After teasing Elsa for a while with my fingers, I grabbed a second vibrator and handed it to her to use on herself, watching as she and Immy got themselves closed to orgasm (they were both so close already, from all the teasing and passionate lovemaking). I caressed both of their faces gently, whispering “You’re both such good girls, god you’re so fucking hot”, feeling my own lust going crazy inside me. I wrapped my hand around Elsa’s throat, squeezing gently as she moaned (we found out she loves being gently choked), as both of their orgasms built up. Closer and closer they got, until Immy begged, “Oh god, can I cum?”

“Yes, cum.” I replied but it was already too late, her orgasm washing over her as she bucked her hips high up into the air like an animal possessed, almost screaming “OH GOD, OH GOD, I’M CUMMING!” as Elsa approached her own orgasm before hers too washed over her, the two of them squeezing each other’s hands so tightly, sweat dripping down their bodies as I lay there mouth open, so in awe of what I was watching.

As they both collapsed to the mattress and dropped their toys to the side, I was lost for words… and so were they. We all cuddled for a bit as they both caught their breath, my clothes still on as I smiled at Immy, mouthing silently, “I love you” and watching as she mouthed it back with a grin.

They showered, kissing some more in the shower (I gave them some space, but I could hear them making out) and eventually we said goodbye to Elsa and Immy and I were alone. We went to bed (it was late), and the next morning we woke up for some pretty insanely wild sex, just Immy and I… I’d been deliciously frustrated and teased by the events of the night before.

Back to Andy’s point of view:

For the next couple of days I couldn’t get that night out of my mind; that’d been the first time I’d ever just watched without participating much. There was something so incredibly passionate, beautiful, sensual, erotic, and incredible about how they’d looked gazing into each other’s eyes while Elsa made love to Immy with the strapon, Immy’s legs wrapped around Elsa’s tight, sexy little body. It was honestly one of the best sexual experiences of my life – and I didn’t even have sex.

I was also so incredibly grateful to Elsa, to Immy, and to my own self-improvement journey. I remembered back to the very first 3some I ever had. During that first 3some, I had a moment at the start where the two girls were making out with each other and sort of ignoring me, and I had felt so insecure in that moment, so terrified of being left out, so scared they just wanted to fuck each other and I’d get ignored. Fast forward 6 years and now here I am literally watching my girlfriend and another girl ignore me (for the most part) and just focus on each other, and it was beautiful. No insecurity, no fear, no anxiety or feeling of being left out. Just gratitude, reverence for the beauty of the moment, and a desire for these two lovely ladies to have a really great time.

All I wanted during it was for them both to have an amazing experience; I saw it as my mission to facilitate that for them in whatever way I possibly could (which for the most part was just stepping back and letting them explore each other). And it played out more beautifully than I ever could have imagined; a far-cry from the insecurity/fear of my first 3some.

I felt so grateful for being in this position now, with no insecurity, no jealousy, just complete comfort in myself and an acceptance of whatever happens. And from that beautiful place of peace, I got to watch the hottest sexual experience I’d seen in a really long time.

I’m oh so grateful for everyone who’s helped me on this journey, including you reading right now.
And oh so grateful to my wonderful partner Immy for being here on this journey with me. And of course, so grateful to her for being so god damn sexy 😉 Grateful to Elsa for the same thing.

And I’m especially grateful to Elsa for being so brave and willing to explore her sexuality, even when she was so nervous and so very inexperienced. She did an amazing job and showed a ton of courage; what a brave little soldier.

More than anything, I’m grateful for this beautiful life I get to live. And I’m grateful to you reading right now, for being on this journey with myself and Immy.

If this story sounded cool and you want to have a 3some yourself, just use my 3some guide. Or if you want coaching with me, you know where to find that.

Thanks for being here.

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