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One of my coaching clients shared this awesome poem that resonates a lot with this community’s philosophy of honesty and just being real (in other words, authenticity):

Man, what an awesome explanation of one of the biggest reasons why we encourage honesty – it means you actually get the things you want. If you go out into the world and just tell people exactly what you’re looking for, some of them will say, “Wow, that actually sounds good. Sure, I’ll participate in that with you” and boom, now you get what you want.

I’ve also been playing a game called Baldur’s Gate 3 recently. There’s a similar quote to this poem, that a woman in the game says to you when you sheepishly admit your feelings towards someone you’ve been spending a lot of time with.

“When it comes to love, vulnerability is armor. Truth, a sword. Trust, a shield.”

I’ve talked a lot about how to built honesty, authenticity, and how to actually go for what you want. A good starting point is this article:

Honesty is An Ideal You Work Towards

Go out there and practice your honesty today. It’s such a gamechanger to just go for what you want, screen out the people who aren’t looking for the same thing you’re looking for, and screen in the people who are.

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