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If you’re struggling a bit with your goals, if you’re not feeling like you’re making a ton of progress, if you’re doubting yourself and wondering if you’re ever going to make it – this speech is for you.

For context, a guy in my program just finished his coaching. He had a few goals; one of which was to improve his dating life.

He made great progress – fooling around with a couple of girls, and getting to a point where he can now give out compliments to people on the street (but not quite at the point of actively hitting on women).

Sometimes when there’s a guy who makes progress – but doesn’t necessarily do the huge, glamorous things like “I had a 3some in my second week!” or “I doubled my income in my business in just 3 months!“… if he instead just makes SOME progress – that can come with a feeling of “I didn’t do enough” or “I’m not good enough” or “others did more than me, so my victories aren’t worth celebrating”.

But there’s power in just the baby steps; in fact, that’s how I achieved all of my own goals in my own life. It’s literally how I’ve done everything I’ve done; slow progress that gradually adds up over months and years. My progress has always been slow; but it’s also been fairly CONSISTENT. Not perfectly consistent – I’ve never been perfect. But I aim for progress, not perfection.

Here’s part of the motivational speech I gave this guy at the end of his coaching. Perhaps it’ll help you if you’ve been feeling like others are making more progress than you, or that your self-improvement efforts aren’t good enough:

“I’m grateful to you. You taught me a lot about patience. I always enjoy working with guys who (I’ll phrase this in a clumsy way) take a little while longer to start hitting on women. Because I myself took a loooong-ass time (3 months of doing the Approach Anxiety program, then I had a breakdown for 5 months where I didn’t talk to a single woman, then I took LSD to finally give myself the push to start approaching. Even then, all I could manage was 1 approach a day for a long time.)

I see a lot of myself in you; your path seems to be quite similar to mine. Ed was the same by the way; slow but steady progress. You helped remind me of the power of slow, gradual progress over time. Taking baby steps and them just slowly adding up over time. Yeah it’s not as glamorous as “Holy crap guys, in my first week I talked to 30 women and I had sex and I’m about to have a 3some!!! Let’s fucking gooooo!” But this is your journey, this is your path, and I promise if you just keep taking baby steps each week, the successes start to add up, the progress starts to snowball, and before you know it, you’ve done insane things you never would have dreamed were possible.

This is literally the story of Ed. It’s the story of Andy, too. I haven’t really had many big leaps where I make a crapton of progress all at once. For the most part it’s been very unsexy, very unglamorous; just slow baby steps that add up over months and years and eventually result in something big. The one thing I really have going for me is I’m stubborn to a fault (it’s not really a “fault”); I don’t quit. I just keep going; no matter what life throws at me.

It’s Ed’s biggest trait too; he just doesn’t quit.

Cam is another REALLY good example.

So is Imogen.

So is Ravi (one of our old clients who’s done amazing things).

I see that in you too, my friend. You are the soldier who just keeps going. You are the man who doesn’t quit. You are the guy who hits a wall, feels a bit down about it for a while, then figures out a way to climb over it, or walk around it, or in some cases, knock it down. I promise you that one trait you have more than any other – your ability to just keep going in spite of your hurdles – is the only trait you need in order to live the life you want to live. It is perhaps the only thing that matters.

Just keep going, and don’t quit.

You got this.

And if you’d like to sign up for coaching yourself, join here. We have payment plans if you need one, there’s no reason you can’t change your life like hundreds of other people have, no matter how down you are or how much you’re convinced it’s “too late” for you, or that you’re “unworthy” or “undeserving” or simply “not good enough”. I promise you, you can change – let us help you. You can improve your life; but you need to start now.

You deserve to live the life you’ve always wanted to live; let’s make it happen.)

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